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Use cases


Digitalize your workshop


Engage the whole team to multiply the impact of your workshops.

What if we told you that you can...

Invite anyone and everyone

While traditional face-to-face workshops tend to work best with a maximum of 30 participants, Howspace allows you to facilitate interactive workshops with hundreds if not thousands of people. And by engaging everyone regardless of their organizational rank, you’re likely to see considerable improvements in the results.

Work beyond the workshop

Instead of placing all your hope into a one-day workshop, Howspace allows you to engage your participants long before the workshops starts and long after it has ended. Take brainstorming, ‘liking’, voting, prioritizing, and decision-making to a whole new level by extending the length of interaction.

Move from documentation to co-creation

Instead of spending hours after each workshop to document the participants ideas, questions, and answers, Howspace allows you to skip this step altogether. By replacing the traditional note taking methods with Howspace, you’ll make space for a collaborative and synchronous workflow. That way, the participants become responsible for documenting their progress and debriefing each other.

Why Howspace?

  1. Intuitive and easy to use
    One click is all it takes for your participants to start using Howspace. No sign in or training required.
  2. Flexible to your process
    Never let a tool dictate the way you work. Howspace allows you to build workspaces that support your process, not vice versa.
  3. 5x engagement
    On average, our customers have seen a 5X improvement in their engagement rates after starting to use Howspace.


“When I previously shared home assignments to participants, I rarely had contact with them between meetings. But now we maintain continuous contact via Howspace.”

Lisandro Morón, Senior Consultant

Key features for workshop digitalisation

Before the workshop

Videos and chat
Recording a personal welcome video is as easy as browsing into the workspace on your mobile phone and recording it directly there. And few things kickstart a discussion like a thoughtful open question.

Invitations, reminders and notifications
Invite everybody with a single email or SMS. See who’s visited the workspace, who hasn’t participated in the discussion, and send reminders based on that information.

One click participation on any device
Your participants receive an invitation with a personal link, they click on that link - and they’re in, ready to contribute. No more wondering whether everyone understood the instructions.

During the workshop

Hide and show content
Create all your content in advance, and then just hide the pages or content in pages that you don’t want your participants to see yet. You can even do this in real-time. “Wow effect" guaranteed.

Real-time polls
Run brief polls at any point in the day, and get the results in real-time. Pro tip: watching poll results come in on a giant screen in a 100-person workshop is another guaranteed “wow effect".

Co-created documentation
Boost engagement during the workshop by letting your participants take photos of their flipcharts, document groupwork with short bits of video, and so on. More fun for them, and saves a lot of time for you. Win-win.

After the workshop

1-on-1 feedback
Use the Assignment widget for private discussions. Great for gathering feedback, giving personal guidance, or just getting honest thoughts from those that might not be comfortable sharing their thoughts in public.

Export everything
Sometimes you need to get all the data out. Our export feature turns your project into a neat package: a folder for each page, with PDFs, images, videos, and all discussions and polls as spreadsheets.

Workspace Archive
After closing, your project remains in the archive. You can reopen it later, or use it as a template for another project. No more rummaging through your drives and folders in search of “that project we did a while back".

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