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TSE exe, University of Turku

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TSE exe in brief:
Type of organization: Association
Use cases:
Facilitating workshops & events, Learning


During the first spring of the COVID-19 pandemic, the University of Turku's TSE exe worked hard to move events and training packages online as quickly as possible.

TSE exe – the University’s program specializing in executive education and development – trains leaders for the changing needs of the future. They had been seeking a platform that enabled interactive training for a long time. However, they couldn't find one that would have met the needs, wants, and dreams of the users.


Howspace gave TSE exe a great start when the pandemic forced people to work from home. “[The] coronavirus drove us all to remote working at a fast pace. The world was changing and we had just been in the middle of organizing one of our biggest events of the year. We had to quickly identify what kinds of new ways of working and what types of technology we needed. Luckily, we knew about
Howspace in advance. It only took us a few days to go through the requirements and needs we had, and Howspace was already responding to our emergency call,” says Customer Relations Coordinator Miia Tammisto-Lehtinen.


  • A shared vision, feeling of presence, and technical ease determine the success of online cooperation: According to Ulla Heinonen, Director of TSE exe, the key to the success of implementing Howspace was that the events were not just streamed presentations that the participants could passively watch on their devices. With the help of Howspace, there were interactions between the participants in everything that was done.
  • Howspace naturally supports training packages and events: According to Heinonen, convincing people to accept a joint virtual event was a little challenging. Customers had been waiting for face-to-face meetings for a long time and they showed significant reluctance to move online. There were many requests for postponing their first event until later due to concerns about online participation, but after attending, the participants provided a lot of positive feedback: nobody went offline, and there were no technical issues.



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