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Transformation Agents

Facilitating transformation programs digitally is the skill of the future. The Transformation Agent certification program equips you with the skills and practices you need to drive impactful change in a human-centric way.

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Transformation Agent program, powered by Howspace

Is this for me?

The Transformation Agent (TA) program is for people who are eager to make a difference in transformation-related initiatives and who are looking to learn more about driving change digitally.

The program is especially fit for change and transformation consultants, facilitators, learning designers, as well as business and HR leaders.

What will I learn?

You'll learn what the human-centric approach to transformation looks like, how to support organizational learning in transformation, and how to build a more sustainable learning culture. You will also pick up tools and practices for impactful transformation.

Once you complete the program, you will receive the Transformation Agent certification.

How can I join?

The TA program is conducted fully online with synchronous and asynchronous parts. The program is built on social learning, meaning you will learn with others.

Our certified partners organize TA programs in different time zones, so you may choose a program that best fits your schedule.

Find the TA program for you.

Transformation Agent program details


5 modules

The Transformation Agent certification program consists of five different modules. If you want to get the Howspace TA certificate, you’ll need to complete four of the modules. The first two foundational modules are mandatory, but you can choose the two optional modules based on your interest.

Social learning plays an important part in the process, and learning with and from others is supported with pair and group exercises.

Howspace - Facilitating Workshops & Events

TA Fundamentals 1 and 2

Transformation Agent fundamentals build the foundation for human-centric transformation. You will learn how to build and support an impactful transformation with the help of Howspace.

In the first module, you'll learn the basic Howspace design principles and theories, and in the second one, you'll learn how to bring the theory into practice.


TA for Learning Design

TA for Learning Design is one of the three optional modules.

Learning design is one of the core skills of an effective facilitator. In the transformation process, it's important to understand how to enhance organizational, team, and individual learning with the help of Howspace.

In this module, you will learn the learning design principles and theories behind the basic workflows in learning design. You will also get some practical methods to support your own development processes.


TA for Digital Work

Digital ways of working are a must in hybrid work environments. What works face to face does not necessarily work in hybrid and virtual settings. How can you transform from face-to-face work to hybrid and virtual work? How can you engage with people, and ensure that your people are heard?

In this module, you'll learn to build digital work practices on Howspace, including meeting structures, co-creative workshops, pulse queries, and monthly get-togethers.


TA for Change

Change is the only constant in life. Instead of seeing change as a project, it's worth seeing it as a continuous process. How can you build a process that increases commitment and makes people engaged and feel valued?

TA for change gives you a new perspective for leading change. You'll learn from different real-life examples and get hands-on experience in concepts like virtual town halls, hackathons, and culture journeys. You'll learn to plan and implement an impactful change process.

Find a program for yourself

Our certified partners worldwide are organizing Transformation Accelerator certification programs. Find a suitable start date for yourself and get ready to accelerate transformation!


Martin Aldergard

Start date: January 20th, 2022
Time: 09.00-10.30 CET / 16.00-17.30 SGP/HKG
Language: English

About the certified partner

Martin Aldergard has helped companies in Europe and Asia to involve their people in transformation for 20 years. As a consultant and project manager, Martin has led small projects with 500 employees in a country, up to worldwide engagements of 40,000 people. Martin knows what it takes to facilitate change and he has used Howspace in the process for 3 years. He loves to facilitate workshops where people can have fun, discover and learn together. Martin is based in Sweden and Thailand, so his program covers CET and SGP/HKG time zones.

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Rik Berbé

Start date: February 22, 2022
Time: 15.30-17.00 CET / 9.30 AM -11 AM EST
Language: English (in-house training in Dutch on request)

About the certified partner

Rik Berbé is a change maker, workshop facilitator, and lecturer who has worked for 20+ years with leaders, managers, and other change-makers who are imagining, designing and transforming organizations and places into sustainable and future-ready networks. He is internationally respected for creating inspiring learning journeys in which teams think and act together. He has successfully applied Howspace for more than 8 years in various hybrid transformation projects. Rik is based in the Netherlands.

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Riitta Hyppänen

Start date: March 10th, 2022
Time: 9.00-10.30 EET
Language: Finnish

About the certified partner

Riitta Hyppänen is a versatile people talent, coach, facilitator, and a trusted partner in leadership and organizational development. Her passion is to develop work-life through renewal, change, continuous learning, and growth by supporting her clients to discover their strengths. Riitta also helps her clients navigate in hybrid and multi-location working environments. Riitta is based in Finland and organizes the program in Finnish.

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