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The Trade Union of Education (OAJ)

Trade union OAJ drives for greater inclusion and membership engagement

The Trade Union of Education (OAJ) in brief:
Type of organization: Association
Use cases:
Communities & Associations, Learning


The Trade Union of Education in Finland (OAJ), one of the largest trade unions in the country, has found it more and more difficult to get new members. Young professionals who enter the field—the ones who are constantly shaping and developing their work—no longer automatically see value in belonging to a union.


 OAJ realized it needed to try something new and challenge old methods. They used Howspace to invite all of its members to take part in building a new strategy together.


  • Increased membership engagement: With the help of Howspace, OAJ was able to produce material that was distinctly different to anything they had done previously. It allowed them to be more inclusive and listen to their members more.
  • Greater transparency: Howspace helped to sum up the OAJ’s strategic discussions. Our AI compiled and interpreted responses, which was very helpful in dealing with large volumes of discussions.

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