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The House of Change

The House of Change's Journey: From a training organization to a transformation organization

The House of Change in brief:
Type of organization: Consultancy
Use cases:
Facilitating workshops & events, Organizational development, Learning


The House of Change (THOC) is a learning and development organization from Belgium and its Creative Director, Roel Van Caenegem, said they started a transformation journey to make their “fairly traditional training business more digital, more relevant, and more impactful.”


THOC’s philosophy around change builds on the idea that both leading change and learning in organizations requires a series of small, step-by-step interventions. They understood that they needed to embed this way of working to their training programs with an agile tool like Howspace.


  • A flexible solution: THOC needed a tool to add a digital layer for them and not a tool that dictated how they were to run their processes. Howspace gives THOC full control over the platform design and layout to implement their SILVER©-method.
  • Allow for many small changes along the way: Changing behavior and learning new practices in everyday work requires experimenting with a lot of small changes. In Howspace, THOC can stimulate learning processes with small tasks in between meetings and reflect on learnings on an ongoing basis.

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