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3 reasons to make organizational learning social

There’s no learning without co-creation

If you’re facilitating complex learning programs that focus on developing leadership, communication, or other professional skills, peer-to-peer learning is your best bet. By allowing the participants to co-create the program, your chances of succeeding with your learning objectives will skyrocket.

Encourage learning in the flow of work

Intensive training days are great but the truth is that 70% of learning happens on the job. That’s why you might want to encourage your learning program participants to reflect on their progress and complete assignments when it fits their schedule.

Make learning a competitive advantage

Whether you’re working as an in-house L&D professional or an external consultant, modern learning programs can be a serious competitive advantage. Depending on your business, these programs can help you attract the brightest talent or the most sought-after clients.

Here’s what you can do with Howspace

Step 1: Build team spirit not only during but also before and after in-person sessions

Make the most of your first in-person meeting by doing a round of introductions on Howspace before the session. And then keep the team spirit going by encouraging the participants to collaborate on the platform in between sessions. This way, you can bring the energy of face-to-face sessions to a virtual setting and keep the momentum going even if there’s a long break between meetings.

Step 2: Replace post-its with a digital platform

By using Howspace instead of sticky notes, you’ll save countless of hours that you would’ve normally had to spend on documenting the group’s work. Even if you prefer writing by hand, you can just snap a picture of the post-its or the whiteboard, and simply post the pictures on your shared workspace.

Step 3: Create an active learning community

Holding the participants’ interest in between sessions can be difficult, especially if your learning program spans several months. By contributing to the virtual learning community on Howspace, the learners are able to continuously reflect on their progress and provide peer-to-peer support. With automated reminders, personalized notifications, and virtual group assignments, the participants will be frequently reminded to interact with one another and the course content.

Step 4: Allow the platform to evolve based on participant feedback

Howspace is a flexible platform that allows you to choose the way you want to structure your learning program. You have the freedom to edit the pages and their content whenever you need to. You can also use Howspace to conduct automated pulse surveys or collect more comprehensive feedback after a certain module or the entire course. By collecting feedback during the program, you’ll be able to make changes on the go, and continuously tailor its content based on the participants’ wishes.

Here’s what our customers have to say

We use Howspace to create learning that is closely linked to everyday life, and to enable managers to share their experiences. Howspace also serves as our hub for all communication related to the learning program.

Lisandro Morón,
Senior Manager, Implement

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“Leadership development always requires a strong human touch. With Howspace, we are looking to add a blended learning element into our highly regarded programs, also enabling social learning. We want to increase the impact of our leadership Quests by increasing involvement before, during and after learning, to sustain learning.”

Annie Perrin,
Partner, Leaders’ Quest

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