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The Finnish Social Democratic Party

Virtual events with active participation made possible for SDP’s Employees

The Finnish Social Democratic Party in brief:
Type of organization: Association
Use cases:
Communities & Associations, Facilitating workshops & events


The Finnish Social Democratic Party (SDP) was already in the process of digitizing their activities, but the sudden pandemic increased the urgency. First priority was to make the events possible, even when they could not physically meet. The social aspect, the discussions and the ability to work together were important factors for these events.


To properly be able to collaborate and get the social experience, a simple meeting platform was not regarded as enough. Therefore, they decided to use Howspace for their virtual events.


  • Greater access and inclusion: Howspace’s ease of use made it accessible to anyone regardless of previous digital skills. “Finding the proper ways to involve our community in the digital world, regardless of previous digital skills, is really important to us,” says Jarkko Piirainen, developer of SDP's digital services.
  • New ways of working: “Occasional physical encounters bring added value, especially to informal interactions, but encouraged by these experiments regarding the new ways of working, we believe that virtual Employees’ Seminars will continue to be on the calendar at least once a year. In this way, we can save money, participants' time, and the environment.”

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