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How RÖTT uses Howspace to reinvent leadership training

RÖTT in brief:
Type of organization: Consultancy
Use cases:


Swedish consultancy RÖTT specializes in developing customer experiences for their clients. One of their customers is Aleris, which is one of the largest healthcare companies in the Nordic region. Aleris needed a digital platform for their internal leadership programs.


Together, RÖTT and Aleris developed a program on the Howspace platform that was adapted after Aleris’s needs. The training, which lasts about twelve months, is carried out according to blended learning principles and includes workshops and assignments that the participants work on together with their colleagues.


  • A place to come together: “Howspace is a good and appreciated tool for processing customer experiences. We save a lot of time and administration costs. It is handy for the participants that all the material is collected in only one place. In addition, it is easy to share experiences in the platform and thus learn from each other,” says Lena Nordin, HR Specialist at Aleris.
  • A workspace tailored to the users’ needs: Consultant Frida Jöhnk has developed the concept further as new ideas and needs have emerged during the project. Howspace adapts according to any new requirements.
  • Statistics that show engagement: “Something I also appreciate is that I can see statistics on the activity on the platform. It is good to see what arouses people’s interest and how many we can reach. It gives us valuable information about what works best and what we need to develop next.”

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