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Work is running smoothly at HR4


Human resources management company HR4 uses Howspace on a daily basis. The digital platform is growing with the company, which uses Howspace for organizational development and customer projects alike.


For an expert organization in HR management, it is important to serve as an example of what digitalization at its best means in terms of providing training and increasing commitment among employees.

In addition to seeking to increase the effectiveness of its work, HR4 was looking for a digital learning environment where the students are not left to their own devices. Instead, the company wanted its consultants to be able to facilitate and guide learning and support the students throughout the process.


Employees across the organization needed to question and change their old ways of working. It was important for each employee to realize through experience that Howspace actually makes their job easier. To serve this purpose, HR4 organized internal training events and experiments to support the implementation of the new tool.

The main users at HR4 were impressed with how easy the platform is to understand and use. It is particularly easy to learn for employees and customers who are actively using social media, as it makes use of similar features. Howspace makes it easy to participate in chats, polls and discussions. Even images and videos can be uploaded to HR4 Campus in the same manner as on social media.


HR4 has nearly 120 employees, most of whom mainly work in customers’ locations. A digital interaction environment is a necessity, as the company operates in multiple locations, beginning with supporting cooperation within the organization. Through Howspace, employees in different parts of the country can participate in training and other events. Howspace has increased the effectiveness of coaching, events and other operations at HR4.

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