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Project Institute Finland: Howspace is suitable for virtually any customer

By Hanna Liimatainen on Sep 6, 2018 1:44:19 PM

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More efficient ways of working and inspired partners are encouraging the experts at Project Institute Finland to use the Howspace digital platform with most of their customers.   

Project Institute Finland started using Howspace just over a year ago. The consulting and training company adopted the digital platform with an open mind.

“We started using Howspace by testing it in our popular PM Master coaching program, which leads to a certification in project office management,” says Mika Purola, Project Management Consultant at Project Institute Finland.

Purola and his twelve colleagues were impressed with the versatility of Howspace. Now the company is using the digital platform in nearly all of its ongoing coaching and consulting projects—at dozens of companies.

Purola provides training and consultation for management of people and projects in Finland and elsewhere in Europe, using Howspace as the learning platform; he also uses Howspace in internal development work and webinars.

“In addition to other improvements, Howspace enables us to tailor coaching programs to customers’ needs, in cooperation with the customers.”

Encouraging participation

If a customer is adopting a new project model, for example, Purola offers the company an opportunity to produce a video or presentation material about the model in Howspace. For shorter coaching programs lasting a few hours, Purola asks the participants to select topics that interest them the most. He publishes a list in Howspace from which participants choose and vote for the topics most relevant to them; then he focuses his coaching on their selected topics.

“When the participants can choose the topics for a short session, they are more motivated, and so are the consultants.”

Project Institute Finland also invests in effective practical learning. Its training programs and sessions include plenty of exercises related to each company’s actual projects. These are selected based on suggestions presented by the participants in Howspace, with the coach choosing three or four to be discussed and processed together.  

Increasing openness

Purola says the digital platform has also increased communication with the customer and made it more effective. As a coach, he can now converse with the participants before the program and also between sessions.

“Uploading various material to the platform is easy for me and the customers alike. Before our first session, I may ask the participants to upload their photos and write short presentations about themselves.”  

Purola finds that the benefits of Howspace also include freedom from time and location constraints. People can produce and share content when and where it best suits them.

“It’s also great that the customer can follow, in real time, what is going on in their company’s training programs. This increases openness, as people can see how the training progresses and what it includes.”

“Customers usually find Howspace is a very pleasant and powerful tool,” Purola says. “Many customers also find it an exceptionally functional and very easy-to-use digital platform and learning environment. They appreciate the fact that they can start using it without prior training.”

Developing new features

Howspace is getting even better all the time. Project Institute Finland actively participates in the working group that further develops Howspace’s features at Humap Software.

“We greatly appreciate the opportunity to participate in the development work. The group assesses new features to be added to the digital platform and suggests their order of implementation. This also enables us to promote our own suggestions.”

Purola has only good things to say about Howspace.

“It has helped us improve the efficiency and customer focus of our ways of working.” 

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