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5 steps for building more effective change processes

By Hanna Liimatainen on Nov 7, 2018 12:54:43 PM

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“Facilitation takes less time than before, so I have more time to focus on dialogue,” says Lisandro Morón, Senior Manager at Implement. The Howspace (former REAL) digital platform has transformed her ways of working.

In Implement’s management consulting programmes, the Howspace digital platform is an integral part of the process. It enables the participants to get to know one other, both professionally and personally. Lisandro Morón, Senior Manager at Implement, shares his five observations of the benefits of Howspace.

Watch the video for Lisandro Morón’s thoughts on how the Howspace digital platform has changed consulting.

1. Creating openess

“Howspace makes it easy to share experiences and observations. It creates an environment that feels safe, as the platform can be adjusted to the customer’s brand. This inspires people to share thoughts and ideas and facilitate change mutually.”

2. Encouraging experimentation

“Many digital platforms are very complex and cause people to be suspicious. I’ve noticed that the threshold is low with Howspace. Even customers who are not familiar with this type of technology have been enthusiastic and surprised at how easy the platform is to use."

3. Promoting communication

“Howspace is an excellent communication channel for anyone tired of email. It makes following others’ thoughts and messages easier.”

4. Reinforcing commitment

“Cooperation is flexible in Howspace, which increases commitment. I’ve noticed that I keep in touch with customers more frequently than before, even between meetings. In addition, with Howspace, people have more time for thinking.”

5. Increasing participation

“Howspace enables people to participate in events from all around the world, regardless of their location. They can vote in polls or comment in real time on the matters under discussion. In addition, it’s easy to add polls and reaction buttons to Howspace, for example. Its benefits also include individual attention: being heard and being able to listen, even in large groups.”

Read how Implement has used Howspace to provide management training for the electricity company E.ON.

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