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House of Change's Journey: From a training organization to a transformation organization

By Sanni Juoperi on Dec 17, 2019 10:46:01 AM , updated on Apr 14, 2021

“We started a transformation journey 5 years ago to take our fairly traditional training business more digital, more relevant and more impactful. A lot has changed since”, tells Roel Van Caenegem, Creative Director for the House of Change (THOC).

The House of Change is a learning and development organization from Belgium. Their focus is on long-lasting learning programmes, often focusing on training the trainers such as coaches, teachers, facilitators and leaders. They run their own school with learning programmes spanning from months to years. 

“We have a long history as a training organization but we kept facing the same challenges in our processes. 

When teaching people complex and contextual skills like how to give feedback, how to lead change or to become a coaching leader, we found ourselves hesitating, whether a training delivered with traditional methods gave the behavioural impacts that we were aiming for. We were also way better in coaching and training people when we were in the same physical space but saw challenges in delivering the same effect when working virtually.”


THOC’s philosophy around change builds on the idea, that both leading change and learning in organizations requires a series of small, step-by-step interventions. They understood that they needed to embed this way of working to their training programs. 

“If we want to deliver real change in organizations, we need to build more around these training processes to create long-lasting results. We spent a few years creating a toolbox of methods to support this, something that we ourselves call the SILVER©-method. 

What we realised after having put together this set of tools was that the digital element was still not there. People’s time in organizations is very valuable and we needed more abilities to work with blended learning methods - to create results beyond the times we are able to meet up in person. That’s where we faced a new tricky challenge.” 

The House of Change had two students to help them with a project to find a suitable digital tool to support their way of working. The search was unsuccessful. 

“We managed to find a series of tools, some handier than others. The problem we were left with was that all of those tools were actually designed for some limited specific purpose, not really to what we wanted to do - support dialogue-driven learning and change. We had our own processes, “scripts” as we call them, of how we wanted to work. We needed a tool to add a digital layer to them, not a tool to dictate us how to run our processes.”

This is where House of Change and Howspace crossed paths. A few years after, Howspace is the platform for many SILVER©-tools. 

“After digitalizing parts of our processes, we can create more buy-in for the change or learning process even before we meet for the first time. We can do pre-work, share videos and share expectations.

We can keep stimulating learning processes with small tasks in between meetings, and reflect on learnings on an ongoing basis. We believe that actually changing behaviour and learning new practices in everyday work requires experimenting with a lot of small changes.”

In addition to facilitating groups in Howspace, House of Change also uses the tool for one-on-one coaching and for creating individual development plans for clients. 

“For us, Howspace is a tool that increases the quality of our change and learning processes. We hear it from our own clients - it allows more interaction, more experimenting and more constant flow of interventions than would be possible without it", Van Caenegem concludes. 

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