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8 ways project managers can benefit from digital facilitation

By Tiina Raekallio on Apr 12, 2018 4:03:23 PM

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Before joining Howspace, I worked in online service development for more than ten years. At times, however, I felt that my job was to run around a huge building to get comments from people and let them know how our development work was progressing and what changes were to be expected.

Looking back, I can see how digital facilitation, and Howspace in particular, would have helped me in major ways. What I realized back then still holds true for product development and service design work that involves a large group of people creating something new together.

1. You are no longer left on your own

As a project manager or product owner, you probably feel alone at times. Howspace allows you to put together a support team and a community where everyone participates in the development work and takes responsibility for their part. Digital cooperation also offers many ways to increase commitment.

2. You get immediate feedback

On the digital platform, you get instant feedback, which enables you to see whether the development work is headed in the right direction. You can create various groups for comments, including extensive groups for testing concept or product ideas.

3. You save time

I don’t dare to calculate how much time Howspace would have saved for me if I had used it in product development. You no longer need to compare calendars and schedule meetings, because everyone can comment and share their thoughts on the digital platform when it best suits them. In other words, you no longer need to find ways to get everyone physically in the same space at the same time. 

4. Everyone is heard

The digital platform enables genuine collaboration. Each member of the community or project team participates in the work and contributes to achieving common goals. In face-to-face situations, there are always people who don’t have the courage or an opportunity to voice their thoughts. The Howspace digital platform has been proven to encourage participation.

5. Continuity is guaranteed

After past workshops, everyone has gone their own way—and so have the results of the work. Sometimes it could take weeks before the participants heard how things had progressed after the workshop. But on the digital platform, you can keep adding comments whenever you think of something. The work will continue for much longer, and the participants will be more inspired, as they have more time to think and can share their thoughts at any time.

6. Stakeholders can be engaged as well

Stakeholders often feel like they're not included early enough in product or service design processes. Their worries are over: in a shared workspace on the digital platform, you can openly share information about work progress and hear all parties at a sufficiently early stage.

7. Openness increases

In addition to stakeholders, sales and marketing professionals will benefit from sharing information openly. They are included in the development work from the very beginning, which enables them to plan their work more effectively. Openness also means that you must learn to accept and process all kinds of comments—the full range.

In addition, it means that no one can claim that they didn’t know or weren’t told, as everyone can participate in everything that concerns them.

8. The full history is documented

Every stage of the development work is recorded and stored on Howspace. You will be able to review how the process progressed from beginning to end and beyond. This is much easier than digging up information about the various stages from memos or long-forgotten PowerPoint presentations. 

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