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How Mukamas Learning Design used Howspace to engage 600+ participants in a dialogue

By Sanna Virtanen on Nov 2, 2017 11:48:18 AM , updated on Oct 30, 2019

There are always limited encounters in one process. That’s why Vilma Mutka looked for a solution that would help her to permit the extension of the learning process as a whole at both ends.

Continuum of the process that enables learning

Working as a facilitator and a coach of learning design and leadership in different kinds of development projects, Vilma wanted to support the transition to everyday life: Doing preliminary tasks for orientation and sharing of knowledge in advance but also to have an active dialogue and engagement throughout the longer processes.

“It's not about tasks for the group from the coach or trainer or that the participants would return some 'homework' to the trainer”, Vilma says. “It’s about building a genuine dialogue among all the participants and in building this dialogue, Howspace has pleasantly surprised.”

Customers and participants have warmly welcomed the platform. Howspace is a very natural part of the training process with the familiar features from social media. “Participants have a workspace where they can safely share their thoughts and ideas, even with the topic that might be a bit sensitive. That’s something that you wouldn’t do with open groups (like on Facebook). Those groups are for different kind of conversations”, Vilma reminds.  

Vilma Mutka CEO, Facilitator, Leadership and Learning Coach @ Mukamas Learning Design

Increasing engagement among 600 participants with digital facilitation

The start of this autumn was particularly lively. Vilma Mutka was a facilitator in a big kick-off event with the largest secondary vocational school in Finland. Digital participation played a big role in the day and over 950 staff members were present in the event. With a big group of participants, it’s important to get everyone involved in some way, reflecting on and discussing the issues.

The goal was to create an inspirational day, but on the other hand there were quite a few things on the agenda, as easily happens on these kinds of kick-off days. This was the first working day after the holidays for many of the participants, but Vilma still managed to get some preliminary discussions in Howspace. “With stimulating questions, partly playful ones, we got the group to think about how this autumn will start,” Vilma tells.

The staff had a lot of important and perplexing themes in mind, involving big changes in the organization and daily work. During the day, everyone could present questions in real-time to the speakers. "It worked very well and level of participation was very rewarding," Vilma says.

Since every participant always brings his or her own mobile phone with, there were around 600 registered users, all of them doing something on the platform: commenting or discussing, voting and adding photos of the day. 

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