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How to help more than 200 managers to evolve together? Case: E.ON & Implement

By Hanna Liimatainen on Apr 30, 2018 1:07:01 PM , updated on Apr 14, 2021

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Inspiring, easy to use and fast. Those are the main qualities of the Howspace digital platform that enabled Implement Consulting Group to offer its customers a new way of working.

There is an energetic atmosphere in Vilhelm Lauritzen, a conference venue housed inside of an old flight hanger on Sturup Airport in Copenhagen. Here, over 200 executives from the energy company E.ON Nordics are gathered to attend a meeting that is part of a leadership programme called Leadership Live.

One ground pillar of the Leadership Live program is that learning is not something that is restricted to the training sessions when they all get together. With the help of Howspace, leaders can make assignments and share experiences with each other also between the meetings. Prior to this meeting, the leaders have been given an assignment which they have reported on the platform.

"Via Howspace, we have received a direct response from our managers on how they have prepared themselves for today’s meeting. It has been fun to see what thoughts, feelings and photos they've shared each other, "says E.ON's Head of Talent & Development, Hanna Havelius, who is in charge of Leadership Live.

Lisandro Morón, consultant at Implement Consulting Group, has developed the program in collaboration with a team of colleagues and the customer:

"We use Howspace to create a broader learning that is closely linked to everyday life, and to enable managers to share their experiences. Howspace also serves as our hub for all communication related to the program. The platform is perceived by everyone as a safe environment for this type of conversation. It also makes it so much easier for us to communicate than through conventional channels, such as via email. "

How to help more than 200 managers to evolve together? Lisandro Morón, Senior Consultant at Implement, and Hanna Havelius, Head of Talent and Development at E.ON Nordic, tell us how. 

Nice and close contacts

Other benefit that Lisandro sees with the platform is that the collaboration has become more flexible from both a time and space perspective, and has created more commitment and involvement. 

"When I previously shared home assignments to the participants, I rarely had much contact with them between meetings. But now we maintain continuous contact with each other via the digital platform. It actually makes contacts more fun also. Participants upload images from their assignments, which also deepens the contact between them," Lisandro continues.

Lisandro also points out that some people need some more time to think before they can contribute in a good way. Using a digital platform makes it easier to get new ideas from different people. Howspace gives everyone a voice, and everyone can also get feedback.

"For example, it's easy to do a brainstorming exercise, where participants can vote for different options, and also comment on others' posts."
In addition to images, it is easy to add questionnaires and reaction buttons to Howspace. In addition, the platform can be designed according to the customer's graphic profile.

Easy to get started

"Many platforms are very complicated, and require technical support in using them. For Howspace, the threshold is very low. All our customers have been very impressed and surprised at how inutive and easy it is to get started. "

Implement Consulting Group is a European management company with over 700 consultants and offices in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland and Germany.


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