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Kim-Mikael Arima

Kim-Mikael Arima
Kim-Mikael Arima, COO of Humap Software, is in charge of data protection within the company.

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How to fuel collaboration through learning & development

The world of work is changing fast. Pre-pandemic trends like remote work and the adoption of automation and AI have taken huge leaps forward. In this time of massive change, learning and development ...



Why the future of work can only be human centric and inclusive

There’s a big disconnect between what employees today are seeking and what organizations are providing. A Deloitte report shows that 47% of workers prioritize experiencing an inclusive culture as the ...



How shared purpose drives collaborative workplaces

Today’s world of work is purpose-led, and workers expect employers to deliver.  


10 Ways Howspace Uses Howspace

In the SaaS world, we frequently hear the term “eating your own dog food” thrown around, but rarely do we get a chance to learn about how companies truly do their work behind the scenes. Howspace ...



Why collaboration & improved ways of working are crucial for the future of work

The world of work is at a crossroads: Since the pandemic, leaders have focused on transforming the workplace, yet employees have become more detached from work. 


The future of learning: How to design learning experiences for the hybrid world

It’s no secret: work as we know it has changed for good. COVID-19, the Great Resignation, and the rise of hybrid work have brought about big shifts in how people view work and what is valued in a ...


The State of Collaboration Report: Our top 5 findings

The after-effects of COVID-19 continue to disrupt the workplace—the pandemic has exacerbated existing challenges to employee health and wellbeing. 60% of people are emotionally detached at work and ...


The elements of collaborative impact: What does CI mean in the context of learning?

Collaborative impact involves unlocking and leveraging collective brainpower. When people come together around a meaningful, shared purpose, they’re able to achieve the best possible results. 


Why organizations that empower employees can create greater impact

Organizations today are increasingly focused on purpose and impact. 93% of employees believe companies should lead with purpose, and 88% believe that it’s no longer acceptable for companies to just ...


How to design collaboration & guide participants along a shared journey

Many people understand facilitation as the work that’s done by a professional facilitator during an in-person workshop with a small group. But when we talk about facilitation at Howspace, we’re ...

Collaborative Impact in practice


What does Collaborative Impact look like in practice on Howspace?

Collaborative impact is all about unlocking the potential of every employee to co-create with colleagues to achieve a meaningful shared goal. At its core, the process relies on an understanding ...


How to create impact by taking a workflow-based approach to collaboration

The workflow-based design principle is all about building your own processes and using the right tools to bring people together for collaborative impact. 


What can enterprise learning do for your business?

Workplace learning comes in many shapes and sizes. Some approaches are more innovative and push the boundaries, while others remain firmly stuck in the past. Of course, learning on the job is part of ...



Virtual training program: Introduction to Digital Facilitation

How can you successfully facilitate workshops, learning journeys, change processes and more—whether participants are in the same place, apart, or in a hybrid environment? How can you engage everyone ...

What is Collaborative Impact and why is it important?


What is Collaborative Impact and why is it important?

The connection between individuals and organizations is broken. According to a recent report by Gallup, only 21% of employees feel engaged at work. While employees struggle to find their work ...


The future of work is more than hybrid: How to build a community-centric culture

Hybrid work has been a hot topic since the pandemic. Companies learned that work can get done even if employees aren’t all at the office eight hours a day, five days a week.


The core elements of a successful learning & development strategy

Nearly every organization today aspires to be a learning organization—meaning they aim to learn and evolve in an agile way. But creating a solid learning and development (L&D) strategy is ...

Employee training & development: Your guide for long-term success


Employee training & development: Your guide for long-term success

In today’s work environment, companies need to empower employees to keep up with industry changes and grow their skill sets. The pandemic spurred on the Great Resignation, leaving countless employees ...


How to build the context for your collaborative projects to achieve better results

All five Howspace design principles are grounded in the systemic approach—a way of thinking where complex systems are seen as a whole without taking them apart to details. 


How to become a better leader: 7 tips for effective leadership

With the rise of hybrid and remote work, you might feel that it’s more difficult than ever to be an effective leader today. Coordinating with employees takes more effort when people have more ...


What is collaborative leadership and how can you practice it?

The new era of work demands collaboration and inclusion at every level, which requires a new model of leadership. Hybrid work is now the norm, and online collaboration tools have broken barriers ...


How to create a noiseless environment for your next change or learning initiative

Today’s work environments are noisy. There’s always another email or Slack message to respond to. Another meeting to attend. Even after closing your laptop, you can easily get lost in an endless ...


How to build a learning organization the realistic way

Creating a culture that values learning comes with many benefits for organizations. For one, the commitment to learn and apply what’s learned daily gives learning organizations a competitive edge. ...


How to simplify your processes so that people will actually participate

Simplicity is at the core of Howspace and something nearly all users appreciate the most. 

Changing your organizational culture: The complete guide


Changing your organizational culture: The complete guide

75% (!) of organizational transformation efforts fail to deliver the results hoped for. So if you’ve been musing over how to change your organizational culture, you’re in the right place.



Find out which of these 3 hybrid work models is best for your organization

The post-pandemic world has made it clear: hybrid work comes with a plateful of benefits. These include improved productivity and increased employee satisfaction.

6 remote workplace trends to look out for


6 remote workplace trends to look out for in 2022

Like many aspects of our day-to-day lives, our workplaces and habits have undergone huge changes since the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Howspace people sitting around a conference table


Howspace design principles: The fundamental ideas behind the platform

Howspace is a digital collaboration platform founded by consultants who wanted to support their own work as well as help other consultants and trainers. The original goal with Howspace was to help ...


Creating a successful hybrid work environment: 5 traits you need to instill

Thinking about fleshing out a successful hybrid work environment? Good call.


What to consider when moving to a hybrid work model [Checklist]

Organizations have much to gain by making a successful transition to hybrid work. The benefits of hybrid work include improved employee satisfaction and culture, more possibilities for continuous ...


Human-centric transformation: What is it and why does it matter?

Human-centric transformation has been around for a while, but it has been difficult for leaders to put into practice. With the rise of remote and asynchronous work, it’s become easier to involve many ...

Howspace’s built-in AI helps people listen to each other better and achieve a shared understanding.


How facilitators can use AI to develop work and learning: 4 research-backed tips

Howspace’s built-in AI helps people listen to each other better and achieve a shared understanding. The benefits of using AI to develop work and learning is now backed up by research. 

8 leadership tools every business leader should have in their toolbox


These 8 tools should be in every business leader’s toolbox

There’s no doubt that the workplace has transformed entirely since COVID-19. As the number of vaccinated people grows, many organizations are heading back to the office, trying to reestablish ...


7 real-life organizational change examples & best practices

Does the famous Ray Noorda quote “Cause change and lead; accept change and survive; resist change and die” resonate with you? 


How to lead a hybrid workforce: Tips from 9 experts

When it comes to hybrid work, leaders have many questions about how to make the right decisions for their teams. The top questions that came up in a global Howspace survey included:


How to combat virtual meeting fatigue: 10 + 1 tips

How can we limit the number of meetings and plan the most effective meetings and workshops?


The top 11 change management software solutions to facilitate change

Change is inevitable but difficult. Humans are naturally resistant to change, which is why organizational change is so challenging for many companies. 


How to build a strong organizational culture in the hybrid workplace

The hybrid work model—combining on-site and remote work—is becoming the new normal for organizations across the globe. But there’s no denying that this model is more challenging compared to a fully ...


The future of work after COVID-19: The hybrid work model

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to the new world of work. Some employees love working from home—swapping a one-hour commute for a morning jog and enjoying more family time. Others are happiest ...


Leading virtual and hybrid teams: How to build trusting relationships

Many organizations are reaping the benefits of a virtual workforce, including cut costs from reduced office space and less travel. But many leaders also worry that this model will come with long-term ...

Kenneth-Maxwell Nance


Unlearning in leadership: How to let go of outdated thinking and foster sustainable leadership

Leaders are under exceptional pressure in our era of accelerated change. COVID-19 has pushed many organizations to go through decades of change in a single year. Yet the majority of us don’t have ...

Ten meeting facilitation techniques that will make your hybrid meetings more engaging


10 facilitation techniques that will make your hybrid meetings more engaging

As we enter the pandemic’s twilight, it’s become clear that remote work is here to stay. It’s more important than ever that we move on from face-to-face meetings being the default option, and instead ...



Why an LMS for corporate training is not enough to foster deep engagement

Many companies rely on learning management systems (LMSes) to deliver training and development outcomes for their employees. These systems are typically used for mandatory training such as fire ...



5 benefits of blended learning for leadership training

Learning and development professionals have been forced to change their approach to training programs in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. With face-to-face sessions being moved online for such a ...

the future of work is social


The future of leadership: co-creation is replacing top-down management

It’s time for a paradigm shift for leaders. But first, let’s paint a picture of you sitting down to work on a Monday morning. 

Facilitating growth virtually


Facilitating growth virtually: 5 tips for digital facilitation from Kasvu Open

The past year has accelerated the digital transformation of organizations. One such organization is Kasvu Open from Jyväskylä, which would regularly organize hundreds of live events a year. Kasvu ...



The pandemic has forever changed training: What does the hybrid learning model look like?

When the pandemic hit, most learning & development (L&D) professionals had to make a sharp pivot in the way they delivered training, going completely virtual. Now over a year later, it’s ...

what is learning experience design


What is learning experience design?

Learning experience design (LXD) is a human-centric and goal-oriented approach to learning. 



How co-creation has changed in 2021 and how it will change in the future

Many organizations estimate that they’ve seen a decade’s worth of innovation in the past year since the start of COVID-19. Among other types of development initiatives, co-creation has seen a major ...



4 ways to enhance organizational learning by understanding emotions

Successful organizational learning is social and collaborative. Only when each participant can make the learning relevant and applicable to their own work can it stick. Unlike top-down learning, ...

Richard Barrett


The 4 shifts shaping organizational culture and leadership right now

For over a year now, we’ve been living amid the digital transformation of working life that got a sudden boost by the pandemic. Besides more Zoom calls, Teams meetings, and Slack messages, some less ...

e-learning platform vs. learning experience platform


E-learning platform vs. learning experience platform: Which is right for your business?

When it comes to learning at work, many companies are moving away from more formal training and traditional education towards on-the-job learning. As part of this shift, organizations are using new ...

4+1 tips for corporate learning and development in 2021


4+1 Tips for corporate learning and development

There’s no doubt that effective employee learning and development programs are a must in today’s corporate world. But not all companies succeed in helping employees improve their skills and ...

Building leadership in a virtual world


Building Connection and Courageous Leadership in a Virtual World

Creating more open, integrated, and courageous workplaces—that is the fundamental goal of Kathy Ball-Toncic, a corporate and leadership coach, certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator, and founder of the ...

Icebreaker activities


13 online icebreakers, energizer activities, and games to make your next workshop more engaging

We all know the bore of a non-interactive virtual meeting—one person talking, 20 others listening with their cameras off. By the time the meeting is over, it’s hard to say if anything was achieved, ...

Howspace helps you to digitalize your organizational change initiatives and collaborate the strategy.


Three Cornerstones of Cultural Change in Organizations

As we all have no doubt experienced personally, humans are naturally resistant to change. While this trait often presents as frustrating, it actually serves an important purpose: psychological ...

Three great examples of organizational learning


3 Great Examples of Organizational Learning

Very few organizations do not aspire to be “learning organizations” – i.e. organizations with an innate capability to learn and evolve in an agile way. According to Harvard Business Review, for ...

How to make virtual training session more engaging


5 Tips on How to Make Your Virtual Training More Engaging

If you feel virtual training is difficult to make engaging for your participants, you are not alone. Especially for those who are more accustomed to face-to-face learning, navigating the digital ...



7 tips for effective leadership for 2021 and beyond

As the world becomes increasingly digital, you may feel that effective leadership is becoming more difficult. In some ways true, but in fact, this development also gives us great opportunities. ...


3 Virtual Event Ideas and 3 Examples of Awesome Virtual Events

The number of virtual events is growing at a pace, especially because of the 2020 restrictions and challenges associated with organizing physical events.  This means that a growing number of ...

howspace in use


5 steps: How social learning and research-based knowledge merge in the heart of learning programs?

Howspace, a digital engagement and collaboration platform, is a key part of learning and online training. It is used at the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health's to support various coaching and ...



Top 7 Strategies for Virtual Change Management

Are you looking for actionable and effective ways to manage organizational change and development programs in a digital environment? My first pro-tip is: change should never be managed.


Troy Pfeffer on the future of work: Robots can't replace collaboration

Troy Pfeffer is looking at a screen. It’s not an uncommon sight these days, with 90% of all jobs in the American economy requiring at least some interaction with computers as part of the workday. But ...


A facilitator’s daydream: Engaging everyone with Howspace Live

Howspace Live is a major update to the Howspace digital facilitation platform. It brings video meetings to a new environment - to one where both text-based dialogue as well as different participation ...



What’s the difference between digital and face-to-face facilitation?

With the rise of virtual and hybrid work, people are thinking more about how to choose when to collaborate in-person, virtually, or a mix of both. How do you pick the right facilitation method when ...


5 Facilitator Skills to Re-think in the Digital Era

Facilitation is a craft that requires many very different types of expertise. The best facilitators know how to pick and choose the right skills and methods for any situation, which often happens ...


5 tips for organizing a successful hybrid event or hybrid training

Due to the pandemic, trainers, consultants, event organizers, and leaders have been forced to try out new ways of working and facilitating. At times, fully virtual events were the only option—aside ...



Digital Facilitation: 2 Facilitation Methods Done Virtually

Traditionally workshops are done in person, which places limitations on scheduling. Even before the pandemic's unexpected fast-tracking to digital transformation, meetings were often impossible to ...


The Top 35 Digital Facilitation Tools for Virtual Workshops and Events

As a digital facilitator, it’s important to know what technologies are available to you, and how to effectively use them.  It’s critical to find the right tools that will help you effectively ...


How a pandemic will rewrite the future of learning and organizational development

It seems like overnight, the COVID-19 global pandemic has forcibly changed our ways of working. The phenomena has accelerated the organizational transformation and learning curve of most, if not all ...

How to facilitate a virtual workshop


How to facilitate a virtual workshop

Many of us have faced the challenge of turning an in-person workshop into a virtual one during COVID-19. Whereas many facilitators were used to leading a group of people in a physical space, virtual ...


How to turn your f2f training digital - 4 steps

Nearly every company is experiencing an exceptional situation in which the digitalisation of processes and projects has become an urgent challenge. Many teaching establishments and training courses ...


Can a digital meeting be as good as a physical one?

With the help of new digital ways of working, there doesn’t have to be a quality difference between working together face-to-face and digitally.

social learning


Social learning is the future of L&D — here’s why

It’s no secret that a company’s and its employees’ ability to learn is in direct correlation with business performance. In fact, research shows that organizational learning contributes positively to ...


How to take the ADKAR Change model from theory to practice

The ADKAR® Model of change is a well-known and widely used tool that helps you analyze your change and better understand it. The five ADKAR elements—awareness, desire, knowledge, ability, and ...


Top 7 organizational trends that are changing the way we work

In my work, I have the pleasure of meeting hundreds of representatives from various companies around the world every year, and these meetings challenge and shape my thinking. Having worked over ...



How to design an effective leadership training program with 7 simple tips

Designing a leadership training program is one of those things that seems easy on the surface but is actually really quite difficult—especially if you’re looking to create a sustained learning impact.


How to run an effective meeting: 10 simple tips

How many meetings did you attend today? Did all of the meetings have an agenda? Are you reading this now during a meeting? 👀 Meetings don’t have the best reputation in the corporate world. A quick ...



What is a Learning Experience Platform (LXP)?

According to Beroe, the learning experience category has exploded into a $367 billion dollar market, and it's growing year on year.



6 effective learning styles your business should adopt in the near future

First, it was LMSes — now it’s all about LXPs. For a while, everyone was talking about e-learning — now all they talk about is blended learning and learning experiences.


2 practical use cases of AI in organizational development

Artificial intelligence (or AI) is one of those pesky terms that’s difficult to avoid no matter where you go. All you have to do is attend a meeting, browse through your LinkedIn feed, or even walk ...



Powering organizational transformation with artificial intelligence

Making sense of huge volumes of qualitative data is one of the biggest challenges consultants and facilitators face today. In his work as an Organizational Consultant at Humap Consultation, ...


Top experts share their digital facilitation experiences: tap into the wisdom of the crowd in the organization

It's nearly the time to celebrate Howspace first anniversary and dig deeper into the world of digital facilitation. To celebrate Howspace's journey as the world-leading digital facilitation platform, ...


LMS vs LXP: definitions, differences & use cases

It's no secret that learning management systems have been a staple in larger organization since the 1990’s. However, with the introduction of learning experience platforms, the corporate learning ...


4 pillars of facilitating successful organizational learning programs

When it comes to facilitating complex organizational development and learning programs, there’s no one quite like Glenda Eoyang. Together with her team at the Human Systems Dynamics Institute, Glenda ...


How to make organizational change stick?

“Nobody changes in isolation,” says Glenda Eoyang, Founding Executive Director of the Human Systems Dynamics Institute. “Rather than being about what needs to be done, changes are about what we can ...


20 + 1 of the best online learning platforms for organizations

An organization's success can be measured by how efficiently its employees learn new skills and absorb information to perform their job better. While there are many online platforms that support ...


6 experts share their top tips for facilitating successful learning experiences

Not too long ago, factory workers and other blue-collar employees represented a large majority of the working population in North America and Europe. Back then, a company's financial performance was ...


7 benefits of digital facilitation for modern organizations

If you’re looking for ways to innovate faster, grow your organization more sustainably, or make your employees more engaged during an organizational development process, digital facilitation may just ...


How to run better dialogue in 3 simple steps

Executive Vice President Tapio Anttila is responsible for societal training at Sitra, in addition to professionally facilitating group processes. Anttila is passionate about effective dialogue. He ...

E-learning vs. blended online learning


E-learning vs. blended learning — definitions, differences & use cases

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a huge increase in the use of different technologies to support organizations’ learning and training programs. For many organizations, online learning is the ...



How to build successful office renovations and relocations through digital planning

If you'd like to read the blog in Finnish, please click here. Every office will undergo a relocation or renovation at some point: a move into new facilities, a conversion of traditional workspaces ...

how to facilitate a workshop and become an successful workshop facilitator


How to facilitate a successful workshop in 18 simple steps

Workshop facilitation is the act of facilitating or guiding participants through a process of co-creation and active dialogue to help them reach a particular goal together. It requires that workshop ...



4 organizational development experts share their thoughts on digitalization and dialogue

If you'd like to read this post in Finnish, please click here. Organizational development professionals believe in digitalization. A digital platform can be used to increase democracy and dialogue in ...



It's time to digitalize your new employee onboarding process – here's how

If you'd like to read the blog in Finnish, please click here. The fall season is here, and so are new employees. All of them must be able to familiarize themselves with their new jobs as thoroughly ...

20 Facilitation Experts


20 organizational development experts share their top tips for effective change

We could all use a little help when it comes to implementing effective organizational change and transformation. So, we called on 20 organizational development experts from all around the world to ...

What is digital facilitation?


What is digital facilitation?

Digital facilitation is the use of digital platforms and technologies to enable large groups of people to work together towards a common goal. It is most commonly used by change consultants, ...


GDPR for Howspace customers

If you'd like to read the blog in Finnish, please click here. With its implementation nearing, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is attracting interest and provoking discussion. This ...


This is the one skill all great facilitators have in common

Digital facilitation is one of my favorite topics. I believe there are no limits to positive change when the facilitator’s attitude is combined with the opportunities created by digitalization. ...


2 simple things leaders can do to foster motivation

If you'd like to read the blog post in Finnish, please click here. We are making major decisions in our private lives: we take on mortgages for hundreds of thousands of dollars, buy cars or invest in ...



3 powerful change management questions to ask leaders

Organizations today need to stay ready for change and continuously transform their ways of working. For any organization to change and develop, the people within that organization need to collaborate ...


Are you managing change or facilitating organizational development?

If you'd like to read the blog post in Finnish, please click here. Our customers no longer want to buy planning from us. They want to buy organizational change and its implementation. For us  – as ...


How Prego revolutionized organizational learning with the help of Howspace

If you'd like to read the story in Finnish, please click here. Nora Ojala is the founder of Prego, a management development company, and an advocate of blended learning and practical leadership. One ...


How Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute delivers effective blended learning programs for thousands of students with Howspace

Jos haluat lukea tekstin suomeksi, paina tästä. Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute searched for a digital solution to help them manage the needs of the different courses, students and educators.


How Flow helped Metsä Group transform into a service organization through virtual collaboration on Howspace

Lukeaksesi asiakastarinan suomeksi, paina tästä. Wood trade is changing, and Metsä Group’s wood supply and forest services wanted to increase the focus of its wood supply chain on customer experience ...


How Sovelto revolutionized training and consulting methods with Howspace

Lukeaksesi asiakastarinan suomeksi, paina tästä. It’s easy for people to study new things independently these days. But for the newly learned skills and knowledge to make an impact, companies need to ...


How to increase the impact of a one-day workshop

A Danish consulting company ran a one-day workshop for its client as part of a larger development program for middle management. Leveraging digital facilitation platform Howspace, the consultants ...


How to harmonize company culture after a series of acquisitions

With mergers and acquisitions, what starts as a legal and financial transaction quickly becomes a company cultural exercise. How do you turn previously separate organizations into one coherent entity ...


How to facilitate an organizational development workshop for 700 participants

Take a public organization and its traditional annual Development Day. Pack 700 people in one auditorium and task them with work-related development goals to agree on for the next year. The obvious ...

Digital Facilitation: The Ultimate Guide

In this Ultimate Guide, we’ll share everything you need to know about digital and virtual facilitation, including the benefits & best practices.

Organizational Development: The Ultimate Guide

In this Ultimate Guide to Organizational Development, we'll share the mindset, skills and tools you'll need to facilitate organizational change effectively.

Blended Learning: The Ultimate Guide

Everything you need to know about designing and facilitating effective blended learning programs for adults—from best practices to platform selection.

The Digital Facilitation Playbook

Digital facilitation insights, benefits, tips, methods, and tools for workshops and meetings from expert virtual facilitators.

Implement Organizational Change in a Digital Environment

In this eBook, we’ll share trends, tips, and real-life stories on how to digitally engage participants in organizational development and change programs.

The hybrid work model playbook

Make hybrid work successful and effectively engage people in different environments with these research-backed insights, tips, and strategies.

The hybrid work model: A 101 guide

Learn nearly everything you need to know about the hybrid work model, from the challenges and benefits to the tools & technologies needed.

The State of Collaboration Full Report

State of Collaboration report is a multicountry, cross-sector deep dive to identify what workers want and need to be more prepared for the future of work.

8 Ways to Boost Engagement in Virtual Organizational Learning

This ebook helps you navigate the 8 learning trends revolutionizing the way people learn at work & understand how learning should change in your business.

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