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Digitaalisuuden uudet mahdollisuudet järjestötyölle

Digitaalisuus tarjoaa järjestöille ja yhdistyksille valtavia mahdollisuuksia toimintansa uudistamiseen. Digitaalisuuden avulla järjestöt voivat parantaa jäsentensä palvelemista, tukea osaamisen ...


Customer stories

5 steps for building more effective change processes

If you'd like to read the blog in Swedish please click here. If you'd like to read the blog in Finnish, please click here. “Facilitation takes less time than before, so I have more time to focus on ...



Jyväskylä: Uutta virtaa digitaaliseen fasilitointiin

Digitaalinen fasilitointi on yksi modernin työnteon kulmakivistä. Jotta organisaatioissa voidaan saada aikaan aitoa muutosta ja kasvua, koko potentiaali ja osaaminen täytyy saada valjastetuksi ...



How to build successful office renovations and relocations through digital planning

If you'd like to read the blog in Finnish, please click here. Every office will undergo a relocation or renovation at some point: a move into new facilities, a conversion of traditional workspaces ...


Customer stories

How Fingrid helped their experts become influencers

If you'd like to read this post in Finnish, please click here. Fingrid, Finland’s national power transmission company, wanted to train its experts to become influencers. The process is managed by ...



How to take the ADKAR model from theory to practice

The ADKAR® Model of change is a well-known and widely used tool that helps you analyze your change and better understand it. The five ADKAR elements—awareness, desire, knowledge, ability, and ...


Customer cases

Work is running smoothly at HR4

Human resources management company HR4 uses Howspace on a daily basis. The digital platform is growing with the company, which uses Howspace for organizational development and customer projects alike.



How to facilitate a successful workshop in 18 simple steps

While facilitating a workshop is by no means an easy feat, even an inexperienced facilitator can get great results by following these 18 simple steps.



4 organizational development experts share their thoughts on digitalization and dialogue

If you'd like to read this post in Finnish, please click here. Organizational development professionals believe in digitalization. A digital platform can be used to increase democracy and dialogue in ...



It's time to digitalize your new employee onboarding process – here's how

If you'd like to read the blog in Finnish, please click here. The fall season is here, and so are new employees. All of them must be able to familiarize themselves with their new jobs as thoroughly ...


Customer stories

Project Institute Finland: Howspace is suitable for virtually any customer

If you'd like to read this post in Finnish, please click here. More efficient ways of working and inspired partners are encouraging the experts at Project Institute Finland to use the Howspace ...


Top 5 organizational change trends in 2019

If you'd like to read the blog in Finnish, please click here. In my work, I have the pleasure of meeting hundreds of representatives of various companies from around the world every year, and these ...

20 Facilitation Experts


20 organizational development experts share their top tips for effective change

We could all use a little help when it comes to implementing effective organizational change and transformation. So we called on 20 organizational development experts from all around the world to ...


How to facilitate a virtual workshop

There are many facilitators that are incredibly good at leading a group of people in a physical space. A common scenario can be a group of people who are in a development process and have a ...



10 organizational change best practices

Even if we do say so ourselves, Howspace is the perfect platform for facilitating complex organizational change and development initiatives. To help you make the most of your next project – and your ...


5 excuses we use to resist the adoption of new tools

Organizational development calls for good management and a great deal of courage. Good management includes encouraging participation. In large organizations, ensuring that everyone is heard usually ...

6 change consultant habits


6 things organizational development professionals should start doing immediately

Whether you're a consultant or working in-house, being an organizational development professional is not easy. The need to empower change, deliver results, and manage multiple clients at once leaves ...


Discussions don't matter? Think again

”Oh, so this is just for discussions”. The look on her face combined with the tone of voice told me that Karen* would never understand what I consider to be the most important part of our product.



6 elements of effective organizational change

In our newest guest post, Jackie Cuthbert, founder of JLC Concepts, shares the 6 elements of effective organizational change.

What is digital facilitation?


What is digital facilitation?

Digital facilitation is the use of digital platforms and technologies to enable large groups of people to work together towards a common goal. It is most commonly used by change consultants, ...


Customer stories

How to help more than 200 managers to evolve together? Case: E.ON & Implement

If you'd like to read the blog in Swedish please click here. If you'd like to read the blog in Finnish, please click here. Inspiring, easy to use and fast. Those are the main qualities of the ...


GDPR and the human factor

If you'd like to read the blog in Finnish, please click here. By compiling online data, it’s possible to find out what TV shows you watch, where you went on vacation, how many days you called in ...


8 ways project managers can benefit from digital facilitation

If you'd like to read the blog post in Finnish, please click here. Before joining Howspace, I worked in online service development for more than ten years. At times, however, I felt that my job was ...

Customer stories

5 lessons Gaia Leadership learned using Howspace

If you'd like to read the text in Finnish, please click here. Catharina Axling, partner and consultant at Gaia Leadership, recently used Howspace in a client project. She now shares five lessons that ...



5 characteristics of a powerful digital facilitation platform

Simple, noiseless, contextual, journey-like, and workflow-based. These are the five key characteristics of powerful digital facilitation platforms—and the design principles that guided the creation ...

Johan Mjöberg_w620


These are the 4 must-have skills of organizational development professionals

If you'd like to read this text in Finnish, please click here. When a manager understands his or her team, leading change will be a breeze. In this guest post, Johan Mjöberg, an experienced ...

25 Best Digital Facilitation Tools for Consultants


25 best digital facilitation tools for consultants

With an abundance of apps, tools and technology available to consultants, there is a seemingly endless amount of possibilities to digitalize and improve your ways of working. But with so much choice ...


GDPR for Howspace customers

If you'd like to read the blog in Finnish, please click here. With its implementation nearing, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is attracting interest and provoking discussion. This ...



What’s the difference between digital, virtual, and face-to-face facilitation?

One of the greatest things about new technologies is that they can be used to either digitize existing processes or develop completely new ways of working. However, when it comes to inherently ...


This is the one skill all great facilitators have in common

If you'd like to read the blog in Finnish, please click here. Digital facilitation is one of my favorite topics. I believe there are no limits to positive change when the facilitator’s attitude is ...



Dialogue is the key to successful organizational change

If you'd like to read this text in Finnish, please click here. “No more silos and know-it-alls. This is a prerequisite for constructive dialogue and change in workplace communities and administration ...


Customer stories

How Gaia Consulting delivers impactful projects across continents with Howspace

When your mission is to make the world a better place, your tools must be up to the task. Gaia Consulting uses Howspace digital platform to promote its multinational projects in sustainable ...


2 simple things leaders can do to foster motivation

If you'd like to read the blog post in Finnish, please click here. We are making major decisions in our private lives: we take on mortgages for hundreds of thousands of dollars, buy cars or invest in ...


3 powerful questions to ask during a change process

If you'd like to read the blog post in Finnish, please click here. It’s difficult to imagine a more rewarding job than encouraging others to embrace change and learn something new. I know I have ...


Are you managing change or facilitating organizational development?

If you'd like to read the blog post in Finnish, please click here. Our customers no longer want to buy planning from us. They want to buy organizational change and its implementation. For us  – as ...



To learn new things, you must give yourself a permission to fail

If you'd like to read this text in Finnish, please click here. After a management training session, we walked into a room where a violin had been placed next to each chair. The famous Swedish ...

Customer stories

How HR4 develops customer and employee experiences with Howspace

If you'd like to read this text in Finnish, please click here. In 2014, HR4 realized it needed a digital learning and collaboration environment for its customer training programs. Today, many of the ...


Customer stories

How RÖTT uses Howspace to reinvent leadership training

If you'd like to read the story in Swedish, please click here. Jos haluat lukea tekstin suomeksi, paina tästä. Swedish consulting office RÖTT helps companies develop their customer experience. An ...


5 elements of the circle of blended learning

If you'd like to read this text in Finnish, please click here. “The genius is not in ideas. It’s in the way you put them into practice,” says consultant Petteri Kallio, an expert in digital learning. ...


How to run better meetings in 10 simple steps

If you'd like to read this text in Finnish, please click here. Wenche Strømsnes has more than twenty years of experience in leadership and organizational development. Now she is focusing on helping ...



How large groups can benefit from digital facilitation

The quality of the dialogue is built or destroyed by the structures and settings of the collaboration. Think about a team meeting with ten active participants. Let’s say that an average length of ...

Customer stories

How Prego revolutionized organizational learning with the help of Howspace

If you'd like to read the story in Finnish, please click here. Nora Ojala is the founder of Prego, a management development company, and an advocate of blended learning and practical leadership. One ...

Customer stories

How Mukamas Learning Design used Howspace to engage 600+ participants in a dialogue

There are always limited encounters in one process. That’s why Vilma Mutka looked for a solution that would help her to permit the extension of the learning process as a whole at both ends.

Customer stories

How Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute delivers effective blended learning programs for thousands of students with Howspace

Jos haluat lukea tekstin suomeksi, paina tästä. Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute searched for a digital solution to help them manage the needs of the different courses, students and educators.


Customer stories

How Basware accelerated co-creation with hundreds of customers using Howspace

Jos haluat lukea tekstin suomeksi, paina tästä. Basware runs the world’s largest open commerce network. The Basware Network provides access to more than 220 global partner networks and over 1 million ...

Customer stories

How Flow helped Metsä Group transform into a service organization through virtual collaboration on Howspace

Lukeaksesi asiakastarinan suomeksi, paina tästä. Wood trade is changing, and Metsä Group’s wood supply and forest services wanted to increase the focus of its wood supply chain on customer experience ...

Customer stories

How Sovelto revolutionized training and consulting methods with Howspace

Lukeaksesi asiakastarinan suomeksi, paina tästä. It’s easy for people to study new things independently these days. But for the newly learned skills and knowledge to make an impact, companies need to ...

Customer stories

How the Federation of Finnish Technology uses Howspace for co-creation

Keeping track of many great ideas and conversations can be a challenging task.


How to increase the impact of a one-day workshop

A Danish consulting company ran a one-day workshop for its client as part of a larger development program for middle management. Leveraging digital facilitation platform Howspace, the consultants ...

Customer stories

How to harmonize company culture after a series of acquisitions

With mergers and acquisitions, what starts as a legal and financial transaction quickly becomes a company cultural exercise. How to turn previously separate organizations into one coherent entity ...

Customer stories

How to facilitate an organizational development workshop for 700 participants

Take a public organization and its traditional annual Development Day. Pack 700 people in one auditorium and task them with work-related development goals to agree on for the next year. The obvious ...

eBooks & Guides

Digital Facilitation: The Ultimate Guide

Digital facilitation is most commonly used to support learning programs and organizational development initiatives. In this Ultimate Guide, we’ll share everything you need to know about digital facilitation, including the benefits and best practices.

Use case

Change & transformation platform for consultants – Howspace

Howspace is the perfect tool for facilitating organizational change. It allows you to engage an unlimited number of people to drive transformation.

Use case

Blended learning environment – Howspace

Learning is not just a classroom activity. Blended learning environment Howspace allows you to bring a large group of people together to learn from each other.

Use case

Workshop platform for facilitating large groups – Howspace

Multiply the impact of your next workshop with Howspace. Read on to find out how you can run large workshops with better results!

eBooks & Guides

Digital facilitation eBook: TOP 10 ideas for powerful digital facilitation

Digital facilitation enables multi-way communication, increases transparency, and allows you to engage hundreds, if not thousands, of people. To help you gain an understanding of these and 7 other major benefits of digital facilitation, we wrote a handy eBook that you can now download for free!

eBooks & Guides

Digital facilitation ideas: TOP 5 tips and tricks for powerful digital facilitation

For organizing effective workshops and change processes, we have collected the best practices of five change management and facilitation professionals. Download free eBook and achieve outcomes that have a real connection on daily work.

eBooks & Guides

Organizational Development: The Ultimate Guide

Successful organizational development comes down to empowering people. In this ultimate guide we'll share the mindset, skills and tools you'll need to facilitate organizational change effectively.

eBooks & Guides

Blended Learning: The Ultimate Guide

Everything you need to know about designing and facilitating effective blended learning programs for adults—from best practices to platform selection.