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Posten Norge Group

Posten Norge Created A Leadership Community To Succeed In A Changing Environment

Posten Norge Group in brief:
Type of organization: Large Enterprise
Use cases:
Organizational development, Learning


The logistics industry has changed rapidly in recent years. Reduced quantities of physical mail and an increase in demand for package delivery services put a strain on postal services, which are still required to maintain delivery obligations from the past. Posten Norge saw this as an opportunity to renew its strategy to be centered around the customer, innovation and sustainable value creation. To be successful, they needed to involve the whole organization of 13,000 employees around the Nordic region.


Posten Norge launched a company-wide leadership training program to implement their new strategy. This program is hosted on the Howspace platform and includes virtual summits (replacing physical summits when circumstances changed), webinars, tools, articles and other resources. A 60 day lab group format was created to promote positive habits and is hosted in small, private groups in Howspace to support social learning.


  • Integrated learning in their routine: Posten Norge created an inspiring leadership training program journey for over 750 leaders in three countries that is seamless with work and daily life.
  • Everything gathered in one place: “Jumping from one system to another is quite exhausting during a webinar or digital training. It really helps to have everything in the same place. Including documentation, by the way! It stays there and you can always go back and read it if you wish.
  • Higher levels of trust within the company: “Reaching out to each other with a suggestion or to ask help has clearly become more common. And this ties in with the impact of COVID: the ongoing leadership program has allowed Posten and Bring to bring in their leaders to this massive change progress, meaning they are better equipped to handle those enormous volumes that are currently coming in.”

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