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Howspace is shaping the future of work through the better engagement of people. In the core of reaching that goal is our partner network that gives our partners and affiliates a ring-side seat to the passionate group of consultants, facilitators and organizational development professionals who are driving the powerful change in their field. Our partner and affiliate marketing programs enable you to grow along with us by creating new revenue streams, monetizing your content, and growing your existing business.

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In the heart of Howspace there are many passionate consulting, facilitation and organizational development professionals with whom we have the possibility to learn more every day.

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Partner with us!


Partner program

As a Howspace partner, not only will you become an expert in the use of the world’s most advanced AI-powered digital facilitation platform, but you can earn commission on all Howspace sales you have initiated.

In addition, you’ll gain access to the highly active Partner workspace to share your best practices and consult with like-minded people. This enables you to benchmark and get ideas for growth and development from all around the world. We have created our partner program to help you to succeed in your own business, to find new people to work with, and to give you more ideas in boosting the engagement in your own digital collaboration processes.


Affiliate program

As a Howspace Affiliate partner you have the possibility to scale your business with Howspace. Becoming an affiliate marketing partner with us enables you to refer leads at scale, track your leads and monetize the content you create on your own channels (blog posts, webinars, newsletters, YouTube videos...). 

Lucrative commission


Any new, approved lead that you as a Howspace partner refer to us will make you entitled to a 20% recurring commission. With that lucrative commission we want to show you that we are in this – together with you – for the long run. We want to help you grow your business and incentivize you to succeed together with us.

Thought leader community

As a Howspace partner you get access to a community of thought leaders and subject matter experts who are shaping the future of work. We have built an international community of all the Howspace partners for best practice sharing and benchmarking.

Marketing collaboration


We are determined to help you in succeeding as a Howspace partner. We are constantly sharing both educational content and information by other professionals and around Howspace product itself. You can always copy ideas and content or even co-create an event or case story with us.

The Howspace Team is always there for you


Howspace consists of experienced professionals who know the ins and outs of learning, facilitation and change making in digital environments. We believe that with passion, insight and great teamwork we can improve digital ways of working to help you to succeed in your work – when ever, where ever.

We also have an international Partner team dedicated to help your achievement. We’ll help you master the use of Howspace, develop ideas for using it in your own field, and co-create marketing activities for introducing it to others, resulting in a potentially lucrative revenue stream.

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Here's what our partners are saying

“Howspace is the ultimate, digital enablement of great facilitation. You can hold meaningful dialogue at a scale that was never possible. Now that everything is virtual, Howspace is how I keep continuity without the pain of other tools where the conversation gets lost and people feel like their contributions to the dialogue don't matter.  In Howspace, we are able to keep things alive even when virtual and asynchronous!”

Michael Leckie
Founding partner, LLC, Silverback partners


“Now I know what I want to do when I grow up! A world class strategic planning facilitator, using real-time artificial intelligence in online workshops. This is not science fiction; this is already possible - I saw it in Howspace.“


Piritta Van Der Beek
CEO, Grape People Finland

”Partnering with Howspace has helped us to demonstrate our virtual facilitation skills to our clients.  The tool has enabled us to create engaging, interactive sessions. The team at Howspace has been very flexible and responsive in working with us to develop innovative solutions.”


Marnie Smith
Managing Partner, Lighthouse NINE Group


“I'm thrilled to have Howspace as an integral part of the success of both the Toronto Change Days conference and the learning and consulting engagements of Capillary Consulting & Learning. Whether it is the use of AI to demonstrate thoughts and insights, engaging clients through meaningful feedback sessions or running an intuitive online examination for course qualifications, its functionality supports a true virtual facilitation."


Rich Batchelor
Chief Change Agent & President, Capillary Consulting

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