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The organizational development platform for cultivating co-created change

Howspace makes it possible for every person to get involved in moving change forward because greater success is achieved through collective wisdom.

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Create an environment of proactive and continuous change

Communication and transparency are key

To implement a change program successfully, communication and transparency are vital but they are some of the toughest issues organizations face. Howspace serves as the main hub for collaboration in organizational development. Our customers typically see unprecedented participation rates of 80-95%, based on the strong involvement features and one-click access.

Change should be facilitated, not managed

Change can't be managed but it can—and should—be facilitated. Howspace differs from other online collaboration tools and social networks because facilitators can guide the conversation and empower individuals to use the platform to drive deep change. Howspace enables OD practitioners to give every participant a voice—even the shyest ones.

Large-scale dialogue sensemaking with AI

Sensemaking helps to uncover if organizational initiatives are (or aren’t) making the envisioned impact. Organizational development projects involve a tremendous amount of qualitative data that can be overwhelming to make sense of and impossible to sift through. Howspace's built-in AI-powered clustering features can mine and analyze large-scale dialogue in real-time.

What can Howspace be used for?

Howspace - Organizational Development

Strategy work

Strategy work can be very resource-intensive and requires a lot of preparation, documentation, management, and steering. With Howspace, you can build a path where all workshops, meetings, interviews, and brainstorming are part of a strategic journey that are documented in real-time. So even as the number of projects and participants increases, you can still maintain the same level of involvement, in a natural, continuous, and transparent way.

Howspace - Organizational Development

Organizational assessments

To better understand what a company can or should change in order to improve their ability to perform, many companies utilize organizational assessment tools. With Howspace, you can easily create questionnaires, polls, or scalable “pulse” questions to obtain data on performance and uncover important factors that aid or impede your efforts. These assessments can support long-term changes and help to make changes more visible.

Howspace - Organizational development

Culture and values

The most successful companies have a strong organizational culture based on commonly shared values that are supported by strategy and structure. An organization's culture tends to emerge over time and Howspace can be used to define, communicate, and cultivate an organization’s culture. By engaging individuals through continual dialogue, you can help them move from awareness of a change, through understanding it, to embracing it.

Howspace - Organizational Development


OD interventions address a gamut of issues including process, performance, knowledge, skill, technology, career development, and top talent retention.  Howspace makes it possible to organically do small interventions within the daily flow of work. Interventions can be customized at the group or individual-level. By incorporating organizational development interventions regularly, interventions become a visible part of everyday work.

Why Howspace?

Co-create and agile follow-up

Howspace provides a platform for co-creation experiences with much larger and lasting impacts. Discussions, ideas, and solutions can all be gathered in a single place, making analysis, follow-up, and insight creation so much easier, agile, and transparent. With Howspace’s unique facilitated chat features, it’s easy to guide and nudge participants to keep them engaged and involved.

Involve a limitless amount of people from anywhere

Howspace enables you to create a dialogue between a limitless amount of participants, regardless of time and location. This makes it easy for everyone – even the shyest ones – to take part in discussions. By involving all stakeholders in the early stages of change, there will be less resistance, and organizations can utilize the wisdom of the entire company to uncover all potential solutions.

Flexible and easy-to-use

Howspace is a responsive, browser-based software that can be accessed from any device with the internet. Workspaces are simple to create and no coding skills are needed. Just drag and drop widgets to create chats, polls, assignments, videos, and much more. The platform is highly intuitive and doesn’t require any formal training or logins to remember.

How Howspace works

Create a noiseless space

Create a dedicated workspace for your OD program with our intuitive drag-and-drop editor. By creating a noiseless and contextual workspace where users can focus on development, participation becomes easy and engaging. You can also create different pages to categorize topics or separate user groups.

Use AI Clustering to analyze discussions

When you're ready to draw conclusions from a particular discussion, you can use Howspace's built-in AI-powered clustering feature to analyze the data in real-time. Simply choose a discussion, and Howspace can create a summary, cluster, sentiment analysis, or word cloud of the most important topics or answers.

Facilitate dialogue

Howspace’s chat widget has dynamic facilitator features to help guide the participants:

  • Crowdsource questions and let everyone’s voice be heard
  • Comment as individuals or teams
  • Hide names to comments, which lets people voice concerns anonymously
  • Guide participants to new discussions to take part in

Gather feedback and measure engagement

Howspace enables you to create different kinds of feedback loops and measure engagement. With Howspace you can create:

  • Real-time polls
  • Surveys
  • Checkpoint questions
  • Pulse - Create scalable questions with multiple answering rounds, which can be used to measure progress over time.

Make transparent decisions

Howspace lets you vote, like, or give points to ideas. Not only does this help to prioritize ideas, but it makes it easy and engaging to involve every participant while making the decision process transparent.

Book sessions

Use Howspace’s booking feature to book small group activities or 1-2-1 sessions and interventions. The booking feature lets participants book appointments from a list of available time slots.

Deliver and share content

Share any type of content: text, images, videos, PDFs, presentations, or other types through the File Sharing widget. Howspace also has a handy Embed widget that lets you incorporate 3rd party content. Howspace lets you have everything in one place, so it’s easy to refer back to.

Here’s what our customers are saying

“Howspace is for companies that have a need for real change and understand that real change affects a wide range of people within the organization. Change is not a one-off event, it requires continuous development. Howspace makes organizational change inclusive, transparent, easy, and accessible to everyone from everywhere.“

Antti Pitkänen
Research And Strategy Director, Agile Work

“Howspace creates an environment that feels safe, as the platform can be adjusted to the customer’s brand. This inspires people to share thoughts and ideas and facilitate change mutually.”

Lisandro Morón Senior Manager at Implement Consulting Group
Lisandro Morón
Senior Manager, Implement Consulting Group

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