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Mukamas Learning Design

Mukamas Learning Design used howspace to engage 600 participants in dialogue

Mukamas Learning Design in brief:
Type of organization: Consultancy
Use cases:


Vilma Mutka, CEO, Facilitator, Leadership and Learning Coach from Mukamas Learning Design, was looking for a solution to increase engagement among 600+ participants in a kick-off event for Finland’s largest secondary vocational school.


Vilma chose Howspace as the platform to ensure the event was both inspirational and could help facilitate several different points on the agenda.


  • Ensured learning is a journey: Learning doesn’t happen in one single process or event—the whole journey should be supported from beginning to end. “It's not about tasks for the group from the coach or trainer or that the participants would return some 'homework' to the trainer”, Vilma says. “It’s about building a genuine dialogue among all the participants and in building this dialogue, Howspace has pleasantly surprised.”
  • Involved everyone in the discussion: With a big group of participants, it’s important to get everyone involved in some way, reflecting on and discussing pressing issues. Throughout the day, everyone was able to present their questions in Howspace and keep the engagement levels high.
  • Provided a secure and safe space: Howspace’s social media-like platform provided participants a space where they could safely and securely share their thoughts and ideas.

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