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Milestone Coaching & Consulting

Milestone and Aktia on a journey of digital culture development

Milestone Coaching & Consulting in brief:
Type of organization: Consultancy
Use cases:
Organizational development


Milestone Coaching & Consulting is a corporate culture design agency focused on human-centered change. They were working together with Aktia, an asset manager, bank, and life insurer, based in Finland, to develop their corporate culture but needed a solution that could create openness and a sense of community in a traditional industry.


Milestone and Aktia involved a group of rising talents, line managers and senior management to observe Aktia’s current culture and the vision for its future. Using the Howspace platform combined with service design methods, they were able to quickly grasp the big picture together.


  • An interactive and inspiring experience: Instead of the fatigue of endless video meetings people had been experiencing, culture topics were discussed over Howspace in a big virtual event.
  • More equality in the process: Working with AI makes it possible to involve a lot of people in a dialogue real-time and summarize the discussion then and there. This is a possibility for leaders to hear what people in their organization are saying—at a new scale.
  • Improved participation: Milestone and Aktia involved everyone participating in the culture dialogue in the organization right from the beginning.

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