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The most effective leaders are made...

By learning together with their peers

Instead of making your future leaders cram books, online courses, and articles on their own, invite them to collaborate on real-life leadership tasks together. Howspace allows the leadership program participants to learn from each other and reflect on the journey with their peers.

Before, during, and after intensive training days

Because leadership skills are best learned in the flow of work, you’ll want to combine intensive training days with on-the-job learning. Howspace allows your future leaders to collaborate before, during, and after in-person sessions to create practical skills that stick.

Of unique learning experiences

No two people are the same. That’s why as a facilitator, you’re able to create customized assignments to each of your leadership program participants. The platform also allows you to send automated reminders and track each participants’ progress so that you can spend more time on coaching and supporting the participants.

Here’s what you can do with Howspace

Step 1: Replace emails and material banks with a noiseless learning hub.

Instead of using email to distribute learning content and a material bank for storing it, you can invite all your participants into a shared workplace that allows you to collaborate, communicate, and share video, text, and pictures with each other. This way, all your leadership program materials and discussions live in one place, and one place only. The participants will only be notified of the discussions and assignments in which they’re expected to contribute.

Step 2: Create a structure that matches your leadership program.

Your leadership program likely has a beginning, some milestones in between, and an end. Whatever structure you’ve created for the program, you’re free to replicate on Howspace. As a facilitator, you can either copy-and-paste existing pages and elements from previous workspaces, or create completely new ones with Howspace’s intuitive drag-and-drop editor.

Step 3: Spend time on what matters: coaching and supporting.

Howspace makes it easy for the leadership program participants to reach you and the rest of the learning community. You can use the platform to automate reminders, answer the most commonly asked questions, and send out assignments. Additionally, you can use the appointment setting widget to allow the participants to book individual coaching sessions from your calendar.

Step 4: Document on the go.

Instead of having to set aside time for documentation, you can sit back and relax as the participants document their learnings, findings, and discussions on the go. Never again will you feel like the sole owner of an official report. Instead, your shared workspace acts as a living document that helps the participants commit to the process. You can also collect participant feedback on Howspace, either after the course or through an automated pulse survey. It’s up to you who gets to see the feedback: just you and the other facilitators — or all the participants.

Here’s what our customers have to say

We use Howspace to create learning that is closely linked to everyday life, and to enable managers to share their experiences. Howspace also serves as our hub for all communication related to the learning program.

Lisandro Morón,
Senior Manager, Implement

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“Leadership development always requires a strong human touch. With Howspace, we are looking to add a blended learning element into our highly regarded programs, also enabling social learning. We want to increase the impact of our leadership Quests by increasing involvement before, during and after learning, to sustain learning.”

Annie Perrin,
Partner, Leaders’ Quest

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