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Kasvu Open

Kasvu Open activates companies and sparrers with virtual events

Kasvu Open in brief:
Type of organization: Large Enterprise
Use cases:
Facilitating workshops & events, Communities & Associations, Learning


Kasvu Open - Growth Open—Finland's biggest growth and sparring program—needed to move its sparring program online due to COVID-19.


Kasvu Open - Growth Open decided to use Howspace to support its series of events, sparring sessions, and the entire process.


  • Engaged participants before events: Using Howspace, Kasvu Open - Growth Open was able to activate companies and sparrers before the sparring days, so that all participants arrived at the meetings well prepared.
  • Involved the entire community: Bringing the sparring program online allowed Kasvu Open - Growth Open to involve the entire community in assessing and voting on video pitches.
  • Increased efficiency and enthusiasm: Participants showed up to sessions well-prepared, which increased efficiency, and Kasvu Open - Growth Open saw a lot of enthusiasm and energy within the community.

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