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Innovation Norway

Digital collaboration support the development of Norway's travel and tourism

Innovation Norway in brief:
Type of organization: Association
Use cases:
Organizational development, Learning


Innovation Norway is a public company that supports entrepreneurship. They realized that the travel and tourism sector would be severely affected by the pandemic and decided to offer more learning and development services to this industry as a way to support them until things could open up again. The requirements for the training program was that it needed to be done remotely, have the capacity to host a large number of people without prior training of the platform, and it needed to be in place within a few short weeks.


They approached consulting company Vertskapet to create a virtual training program specifically for the travel and tourism sector. Vertskapet, in turn, came across Howspace, and found that it checked all the requirements.


  • Easy to use and intuitive to learn for admins and users: “The best part is that you can start with something and keep improving your design even when the program is already running. If you see that a particular element doesn't gain the traction you are looking for, you can just change it into something else and everything else stays the same," says Märit Torkelson, founder of Vertskapet Norge.
  • Documentation of co-created material: The manual work of going through the large amount of data from the conversations of the participants can be done in an instant using the Howspace AI.
  • A training that wasn’t limited by geography: "Previously, we always ran training so that the participants were geographically close to each other. People were really delighted to get to know colleagues from all over the country and discuss the differences and similarities," Märit says.

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