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Implement Consulting Group

Implement & E.on helped more than 200 managers to evolve together

Implement Consulting Group in brief:
Type of organization: Consultancy
Use cases:


Many digital platforms are very complicated and require technical support in using them. Implement Consulting Group needed an intuitive platform to encourage 200 executives from the international energy company, E.On Nordics, to take part in a leadership programme.


With the help of Howspace, the executives were able to complete assignments and share experiences with each during the programme prior to and in between learning sessions. The executives found the solution intuitive and easy to get started with.


  • A broader learning experience linked to everyday life: Howspace served as the hub for all communication related to the programme and enabled executives to share their experiences. The platform was perceived by everyone as a safe environment for dialogue.
  • Continuous contact with clients: When Implement previously shared programme-related assignments with participants, they rarely had much contact with them between sessions. Now they were able to maintain continuous contact with each other over the digital platform.
  • Improved collaboration: Collaboration became more flexible from both from time and space perspectives. This created more commitment and involvement.

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