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Hr4 Develops Customer And Employee Experiences With Howspace

HR4 in brief:
Type of organization: Consultancy
Use cases:


HR4 is a consultancy offering HR management, research and business management services. They needed a digital learning and collaboration environment for their customer training programs that enabled their consultants to facilitate and guide learning, rather than leaving the students to their own devices.


They started using Howspace, internally known as HR4 Campus, for most of their training and continuously adapted it to their needs. Because of the flexibility of Howspace, they also started to use it for their customer events and as an internal communication tool for their on-location staff.


  • Facilitated learning: Facilitator-led learning keeps the students committed and engaged.
  • Multi-purpose tool adapted to different needs: While Howspace was adopted for its capabilities as a learning platform, it eventually extended into other parts of their organization as an event platform and communication tool.
  • Hybrid and remote reach: “Our company has nearly 120 employees, most of whom work in customers’ locations. Through HR4 Campus, our employees across the entire country, including Oulu in the north, can participate in our Skills Academy training programs. Howspace makes training and other operations more effective.”

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