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Helsinki Marketing

Helsinki Marketing unites a network of professionals to develop the tourist industry

Helsinki Marketing in brief:
Type of organization: Consultancy
Use cases:
Organizational development, Communities & Associations


Helsinki Marketing aimed to improve communication and participation among the cooperation network, Makers of Helsinki. They couldn’t effectively share information with our partner companies and found that newsletters weren’t enough to actively encourage participation.


Helsinki Marketing partnered up with Howspace only a month before the pandemic. When COVID-19 hit and all events were banned, the company used Howspace to support virtual collaboration within the community.


  • Increased sense of community: With the changes to the traveling industry due to COVID-19, Howspace provided the Makers of Helsinki with a strong sense of community.
  • Better information sharing: Howspace not only supports Helsinki Marketing’s community, but also acts as a file sharing service for training and event material.
  • Make participation and collaboration easier: Helsinki Marketing considered Howspace’s best asset to be easy participation and collaboration before, during, and after workshops. The workspace is actively used, members visit the space at least once a week, and polls are also being answered more frequently than ever before.

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