What is the difference between login and register?

This article explains what the difference between login and register is and how to use both.

View of Login / Register


When a person has been added to a workspace as a user (either admin or participant), it is possible for them to login via workspace address; for example Howspace Community's address is https://community.in.howspace.com).

In practice this means that the user can go to the workspace address and order a new login link to their inbox by inputting their email address to the field visible on the page and selecting Login.

By clicking the login link they can access the workspace.

Login cannot be used by a person, who has not been added as a user to the workspace.


In some cases it is not possible to add all users to a workspace before hand. In such times it is possible to allow users to register themselves to a workspace.

Admin will provide the workspace address to the potential users. The users will then go to the workspace address, input their email address to the field and select Register.

A login link will be sent to the user and they can access the workspace with the link provided.

Admins can limit the domains that can register to a workspace or leave it open for everyone from Workspace settings, under Login and registration.