How to duplicate a workspace?

This article explains how to duplicate a workspace.

It is possible to duplicate workspaces.

A user who has administrator rights in a workspace and is allowed to create new workspaces for their organisation, can also duplicate them.

How to duplicate a workspace:

  1. Go to My workspaces view.
  2. Click the Duplicate workspace button and it will open a selection modal.
    My workspaces view
  3. User can choose which workspace to duplicate, if they are administrators in several different workspaces. The duplicated workspace also requires a name and a domain is created based on the given name.
    Modal before naming the workspaceModal after giving a name
  4. After selecting Duplicate at the bottom of the modal it will take up to several minutes for the new workspace to be created.
  5. The user who created the workspace is automatically added as an administrator to the workspace and can access the new workspace from their My workspaces view.