Archive a workspace

This article explains how to archive and re-activate a workspace.

Admin can archive a workspace, when the workspace is not used anymore.

All information is stored in the archived workspace, and it is possible to re-activate the workspace at any time.

An archived workspace cannot be duplicated; it must be re-activated first.

How to archive a workspace:

  1. Click My workspaces
  2. Find the workspace you would like to archive
  3. Click the ...-menu and select Archive workspace
  4. Now you can find the archived workspace from Archived workspaces section

How to re-activate an archived workspace:

  1. Click to My workspaces
  2. Select Archived workspaces
  3. Find the workspace you would like to re-activate
  4. Click the ...-menu and select Re-activate workspace
  5. Now you can find the re-activated workspace in the Active workspaces section