How do the What's new settings work?

This article explains how the What's new settings affect the notifications and emails.


What's new settings

Above is a screenshot from Workspace settings > What's new settings.

What's new email sending policy

How often the automatic email notifications are sent from the workspace to the users (both admins and participants). Options are Immediately / Daily / Weekly / Never. This option affects the default settings shown to users in their own profiles' notification settings.

What's new settings

These settings dictate what actions create What's new notifications in a workspace.

What's new for all

Indicates with a green circle that there is input in the workspace that the participant has not seen.

If admin deactivates this: The participant will not see that there are unread comments when when she/he enters the workspace.

What's new for admin

Indicates with green circle or green dot that there is new input in the workspace only for admins.

What's new for me

Indicates with a filled, green dot that there are unread input directly related to the user, for example a reply or a “like” to a comment he/she has been participating in. 

What happens if admin deactivate this: When participants enter the workspace, they will not see if and where somebody has written a comment or reply that is connected to a comment or a reply that he/she has previously made. 

What's new for me email notification

Email that is sent out immediately when there is a reply or like to a comment that he/she has been participating in. This feature makes sure that conversation is not missed. 

What happens if admin deactivates this: There will be no immediate email sent to the participants to inform that someone has added a comment, reply or like to his/her comment.


Above is a screenshot from My profile >Edit profile > Notification settings

The default is the same as the workspace settings' email sending policy.

Every user (admins and participants) can change their personal preference of notification emails' frequency between Immediately / Daily / Weekly / Never.