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How to schedule page visibility?

This article describes how to schedule workspace's page's visibility.

Here is a short video showing how the page visibility can be scheduled:

Scheduling pages visibility in the menu

In the video example the page visibility was scheduled so that it is visible for that one day.

It can be scheduled to be visible for any number of days.

Administrators will be able to view the page from Menu > List all pages at any given time.

The scheduling can be removed by deselecting the Schedule when page is visible in the menu from the Page settings > Advanced settings.


page settings

The exact time of day cannot be scheduled, only the day(s) the page will be visible.

This is because in real life it is really hard to predict unpredictable things; a workshop might be running a few minutes late, a participant is slower at answering and needs some more time...

This the page will be visible for the whole duration of the day and become available at midnight and be hidden one minute 'till midnight.