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Gaia Consulting

Gaia Consulting delivers impactful projects across continents with Howspace

Gaia Consulting in brief:
Type of organization: Consultancy
Use cases:
Organizational development, Facilitating workshops & events


Gaia Consulting needed an online platform suitable for their customer work that would be easy for users to learn.


Gaia Consulting chose Howspace to support their multinational projects in sustainable development.


  • Increased interaction: By working together in Howspace, Gaia Consulting’s customers—based in different locations—could easily share knowledge and interact with one another. 
  • Reduced the learning curve: Gaia Consulting could teach their customers—who have varied levels of experience in virtual ways of working—how to use Howspace with a single demo.
  • One platform for co-creation: Previously, Gaia Consulting used individual applications, such as file management, project management, and messaging software. Howspace combines all of these and more, acting as one shared space for co-creation.

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