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The Finnish Medical Association

AI helped the Finnish Medical Association shape the basic principles of healthcare

The Finnish Medical Association in brief:
Type of organization: Association
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The Finnish Medical Association (FMA) wanted to update their basic principles of healthcare and involve their members in the process to make healthcare even more effective in the future.


Using Howspace as a platform, FMA was able to invite more than 20,000 medical professionals from different parts of Finland to participate in the discussion and narrow down their ideas to updated basic principles.


  • Involving a large number of people—at their convenience: Howspace enables dialogue and facilitation when it best suits the participants, even among large groups. “The doctors know best what is going on in their field, and the Howspace digital platform made it possible to involve people in extensive discussions,” says Heikki Pärnänen, Policy Director at the FMA.
  • Making extensive material accessible and easy to process: “We were expecting to see lively chat discussions and lists of observations on the digital platform. Instead, we received more than 600 pages of text, including complete articles,” says Pärnänen. With the Howspace AI’s clustering feature, it was possible to easily identify common ideas related to healthcare guidelines from the huge amount of text.

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