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The Finnish Medical Association

AI helped the Finnish Medical Association shape the basic principles of healthcare

The Finnish Medical Association in brief:
Type of organization: Association
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The Finnish Medical Association (FMA) wanted to update their basic principles of healthcare and involve their members in the process to make healthcare even more effective in the future.


Using Howspace as a platform, FMA was able to invite more than 20,000 medical professionals from different parts of Finland to participate in the discussion and narrow down their ideas to updated basic principles.


  • Limitless involvement: With the Howspace platform, the FMA is able to engage all members in the decision-making process. “Previously, healthcare guidelines were prepared by small groups of experts. Now we were able to simultaneously invite more than 20,000 doctors from different parts of Finland,” Pärnänen, Policy Director at the FMA, explains.
  • Making extensive material accessible and easy to process: The FMA is now able to process extensive materials more quickly with the help of Howspace artificial intelligence. We received more than 600 pages of text, including complete articles,” says Pärnänen. “Artificial intelligence enabled us to quickly proceed to further processing. We prepared poll questions and selected 50 to 60 statements, ideas and thoughts on which to base the new guidelines. The doctors were asked to vote to narrow this to some twenty topics for further discussion,” Pärnänen explains.
  • Impact Made by All: “We want all of our members to participate in our activities, not just those in a position of trust and the members of our preparatory bodies," Pärnänen explains. Now with the help of Howspace, "everyone will be able to truly have an impact on decision-making and their medical practices.” 

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