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Finnish Business School Graduates

A pioneer of digital collaboration: trade union renews operations through bold experiments

Finnish Business School Graduates in brief:
Type of organization: Association
Use cases:
Learning, Communities & Associations


Finnish Business School Graduates is a trade union for economists and business students. They are known for their active membership activities and constantly look for ways to increase collaboration capabilities and support discussion.


Howspace fits well into the union’s mission to increase collaboration in all areas of the association and has since its implementation been used for more than one purpose.


  • Increased participation and continuity of training: With Howspace, discussions and information sharing can be done before, during, and after training sessions, and everything is stored in one place. Sensitive information is processed anonymously.
  • One tool with multiple uses: At the moment, Howspace is used by Finnish Business School Graduates in open training, online courses, supervisor training, service development, strategy and board work, collaboration between unions, and internal literature. In addition, the online platform supported the organization’s website redesign project, office move, and the work of the prize council for the organization’s literary award.

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