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What is REAL?

Developed in close collaboration with our customers, REAL is a web-based digital facilitation platform that allows you to involve large groups of people in change processes, learning initiatives, and workshops.


Who is the platform for?

REAL is the perfect platform for people who need to facilitate complex change processes or learning programs. Whether you’re a learning professional, a facilitator, a change management consultant, or an organizational development practitioner, the platform allows you to facilitate dialogue amongst a large group of people – regardless of your participants' physical location.


How does it work?

REAL allows you to invite an unlimited number of people to a shared online workspace, where the participants can discuss, brainstorm, share files, and much more. To get a better idea of all the things you can do with REAL, keep reading. 👇


The complete list of REAL features


Scroll down to read more about each feature, or click on any of these links to jump directly to a feature that you're interested in:

  1. Content sharing features
    1. Text widget
    2. Image widget
    3. PDF widget
    4. File sharing widget
    5. Video widget
  2. Interactive features
    1. Poll widget
    2. Chat widget
    3. Booking widget
  3. Facilitation features
    1. Editor
    2. Workspace statistics
    3. Email sending

Content sharing features

REAL’s content sharing features allow you and the participants to share information and files – including pictures, videos and presentations – with everyone.

Text widget

Text boxes can be used to share instructions or information with the participants. The simple WYSIWYG editor allows you to format the text and add links and photos.


Image widget

Sometimes pictures speak louder than a thousand words. With the image widget, you can add photos and GIFs to any page.

PDF widget

The PDF widget allows you to upload multi-page PDFs such as text documents and presentations to a workspace. Thanks to the platform's automatic file compressing, even large PDF presentations can be viewed on all screen sizes, including mobile devices.


File sharing widget

The file sharing widget allows you to share any kind of a document with the participants. If allowed in the settings, the participants can also use this widget to upload their own files to the workspace.


Videos are great for communicating decisions, answering questions, and sharing information. Either record and upload your own videos with your smartphone, or attach a link to a video on YouTube or Vimeo. Videos are automatically converted and optimized for all screen sizes.

Interactive features

REAL’s interactive features make the platform much more than just a file sharing system by promoting multi-way dialogue.


Poll widget

The poll widget allows participants to voice their opinions or give feedback by voting between predetermined alternatives. With real-time visualization, you can easily keep track of the participants' answers – either as pie charts or columns.

Chat widget

The chat widget allows participants to discuss, collaborate, and brainstorm using any combination of text, video and pictures. With use cases ranging from in-workshop collaborative documentation to asynchronous discussions, the chat gives a voice to all the participants – even the ones who wouldn't normally feel comfortable speaking in front of a room full of people.

Facilitator tip: use the chat widget in face-to-face workshops to replace traditional sticky note exercises. Simply ask the participants to submit their ideas, and then use the star rating feature or "likes" to vote for the best ones. As an added bonus, you don't have to worry about post-workshop documentation, since the answers will be automatically saved in REAL.


Booking widget

The booking widget allows workspace participants to book an appointment for an interview or an individual coaching session from a list of alternative time slots. As a facilitator, you can determine the number of available seats for each session and that way make sure that you don't exceed capacity on any of them.

Facilitation features

As a facilitator, it’s up to you to organize the workspace to your exact specifications. The facilitation features help you manage everything from profiles to user groups, and from individual widgets to entire workspaces.


The visual drag-and-drop editor makes it easy for you to create new workspaces and pages. Simply choose the background image or color you want, select the widgets you need, create and organize content, and manage widget-level settings. You can also co-edit pages in real time with a colleague, and duplicate widgets, pages, and even complete workspaces.


Workspace statistics

When you want to know how many participants have watched a video, how long they’ve spent on a specific page, or how often they visit REAL on average, all you have to do is check your workspace statistics.

Email sending

As a facilitator, you can send emails to the whole group or only some of the participants. For example, you might want to send a reminder to participants who haven’t completed a task yet.

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