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Webinar: Rethinking events - a practical case story

Recreating a large-scale physical meeting in the digital space
September 30
10 am CET / 9 am BST / 6 pm AEST

Not being able to meet physically nor being able to travel have significantly challenged the event industry and community-building activities within the last year. In this session, we’ll be joined by Nyk Loates, a management consultant, facilitator and designer, who has an interesting story to share. He’s recently gone through the experience of recreating a major conference online instead of cancelling.

We’ll discuss the following topics: 

  • How to take a physical community meeting to a digital environment successfully?
  • How to foster ideation and innovation on a digital platform?
  • How to turn a synchronous event to 90% asynchronous?
  • How to facilitate a crowd of hundreds, located in timezones around the world?
  • How to utilize the Open Space method in a digital context?

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Nyk Loates

Facilitator, Management Consultant at KPMG Australia


Art Maloku

Digital Facilitation Expert, Howspace