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Webinar: The paradoxes of leadership

How to build virtual training to support leaders in today's unpredictable world
May 11th, 2021
11 am EST



STEP 1:Getting ready

You'll be invited to join our workspace one week before to share your thoughts and greetings for the hosts and participants.


STEP 2:Live session

Join us in the workspace for a 60-minute live session and actively take part in the conversation.


STEP 3:Time to reflect

Share your feedback and learnings, ask questions from our specialists, and enjoy the session recording.

Leadership is full of paradoxes. While you want to give people autonomy, you also need to ensure their work meets the required standards. While you want to spark creativity and innovation, you also need to think about how to stay within required regulations.

Navigating these paradoxes is challenging at the best of times, and now leaders are grappling with the forced reality of merging work and home personas for themselves and their teams. The paradox of being human and embracing your authenticity while driving business results and profit is ever more present.

Carolyn Swora's signature leadership program "Reimagining Leadership" positions courage, resilience, and belonging as essential concepts that leaders at all levels benefit from mastering. In this webinar, Carolyn will share how she's using Howspace to deliver Reimagining Leadership programs to shift mindsets and behaviors about what it means to be a thriving leader in today's unpredictable world.

You will learn:

  • How can leaders better cope with the paradoxes?
  • What does it mean to be a thriving leader in today’s unpredictable world?
  • How can Howspace be used to build a virtual training program?
  • How can Howspace be used to shift peoples' mindsets and behaviors?

Join us for this free webinar session where Carolyn Swora and Troy Pfeffer from Howspace talk about leadership and show a real case example of how to train leaders in a virtual setting.




Carolyn Swora

Workplace Culture Architect, Author, Speaker


Troy Pfeffer

Partnerships Director, Howspace North America