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Webinar: How to facilitate a digital workshop

 Increase involvement and engagement - from a distance
Thu 4th June 2020 
Webinar 1: 10 am EET / 5 pm UTC & Webinar 2: 12 pm EST / 5 pm BST

We’ve worked with the topic of digital facilitation for over a decade and gathered many insights into challenges facilitators hosting workshops face in the virtual setting. Due to the recent events with Coronavirus, turning already planned workshops and events has become an acute challenge for many professionals around the world. 
In this webinar we discuss, how much more there is to digital facilitation than just videoconferencing. We are certain that digital facilitation methods offer leaders, learning professionals, consultants, and facilitators completely new possibilities to involve and engage. 

In the webinar you'll get a first hand experience how it is to be a participant in a virtual workshop hosted in Howspace. You'll get to experience for example the following: 

  1. Facilitation before, during and after the workshop
  2. Working asychronously and in smaller interactions
  3. Prioritization & decision making
  4. Involving large groups of people
  5. Digital ways of working that fit into your existing process

To make live attendance possible to as many digital facilitation enthusiasts around the world as possible, we will be hosting the same webinar twice. Join us on the 4th of June:

  • Webinar 1:
    8 am BST (UK), 9 am CET (Sweden, Germany), 10 am EET (Finland), 5 pm UTC (Australia)
  • Webinar 2:
    9 am PDT (Los Angeles), 12 pm EST (New York), 5 pm BST (UK), 6 pm CET (Sweden) 



Tapio Kymäläinen

President, Howspace North America

Ilkka Mäkitalo

Ilkka Mäkitalo

CEO, Howspace


Art Maloku

Digital facilitation expert, Howspace