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Webinar: The Future of Work is Already Here

How to use digital facilitation to better engage customers and employees in the "new normal"
September 23 
11:00 am EDT / 4 pm BST

The new business environment that was slowly starting to emerge is now here in full force because of the most recent events. What used to be considered nice to have, is now required. Collaboration, facilitation, engagement, co-creation are now fundamentals that everyone should be utilizing.

From small start-ups to the biggest of the Fortune 500, everyone should be pursuing these new basics.

The time of implementation starts now:

  • How can we create digital experiences where people really want to share and collaborate?
  • How can we make sure that everybody’s voice is heard? 
  • What practical tools and methods are there to engage a lot of people quickly, both synchronously and asynchronously? 
  • How can we gain real-time insight into vast quantities of information?


If you are ready to take the leap forward, join us in a free webinar session, where Troy Pfeffer (Howspace) and Marnie Smith (Lighthouse 9) share their best practices around engaging a remote workforce in digital co-operation.




Troy Pfeffer

Partnerships Director, Howspace North America


Marnie Smith

Managing Partner, Lighthouse 9