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The Future of Work: 2020’s Hinge Moment

We’ll show you how organizations can pivot quickly in order to fully embrace the future of work
October 22

While 2020 has been a difficult year for many, it’s also a pivotal moment — a hinge moment, if you will — for individuals and businesses alike. In order to be successful tomorrow, organizations must utilize effective digital strategy today to build inspiration, engagement, and sustained impact. Whether you are driving organizational change, learning, strategic initiatives, or culture transformation, the key is to build a shared vision together.


Excited? You should be. Here’s what we’ll talk about: 


  • How can you lead transformation through digital dialogue both synchronously and asynchronously? 
  • How do you create sustained impact and changing behaviour through experiential learning?
  • How do you build an inclusive and multicultural organization while growing the well-being, success, and participation of employees? 
  • How do you identify which areas of your organization need to pivot? 


We’re looking forward to seeing you there!




Troy Pfeffer

Partnerships Director, Howspace North America

Chris Evans

Chris Evans

Executive Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, Eagle's Flight