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Training has changed

Webinar: Training has changed. Have you?

The winning formula for converting in-person training to virtual training. Case: Optimé International
March 23 
11 am EST / 4 pm CET

The shift to the virtual world has changed the field of training and development for good. Suddenly all training professionals were tackling the questions of how to change the face-to-face training design to virtual and how to do it so that the learning experience doesn’t suffer.

Our partners at Optimé have tackled this head on. Their core business is to train sales leaders and sales teams. Once it became impossible to help their clients in the traditional way, they pivoted quickly. They broke the mold on training design and designed virtual learning journeys using a combination of various tools. That meant creating a whole new mindset for training design.

A conversation between Howspace and Optimé International, a leader in sales training

In this webinar, Optimé will share their experiences on how they have successfully transformed their sales and sales leadership training online and how they have been able to create more thoughtful contribution in a virtual setting. You will learn:

  • How leveraging a learning ecosystem can help you build stronger engagement and support the best learning outcomes
  • How to use a virtual learning platform to help participants better prepare for the live sessions
  • What it takes to make the entire learning experience more efficient and effective for facilitators and participants
  • How to engage sales leaders in their employee's training
  • How to adapt your content to appeal to all learning styles

Join us for this free webinar session, where Allen Bessel, Vice President, Client Management with Optimé, and Troy Pfeffer, Partnerships Director with Howspace, will share their best practices for building engaging learning experiences in the virtual world.




Troy Pfeffer

Partnerships Director, Howspace North America

Allen Bessel_circular-1

Allen Bessel

Vice President, Client Management, Optimé