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How to build large-scale change in a virtual space

The story of UN Women’s Public Conversation Platform
September 16th, 2021 
10 am EST / 4 pm CET

What happens when a global organization like UN Women opens their policy-making process to everyone from activists, policymakers, and corporations?

In this session, Maria Rohani, Nancy Khweiss, and Naomi Suen from UN Women join Johanna Tarvainen-Lee and Sandra Mittica from Howspace to walk us through the journey of building a large-scale public conversation forum.

We’ll be discussing:

  • What is needed when an organization like the UN takes the leap towards open collaboration in the virtual world? 
  • How to bring diverse voices to the table in gender equality discussions?
  • How to build a secure, noiseless space that enables safe participation? 
  • How to run a flexible process and adapt as you go along?
  • How to use AI-tools to objectively analyze the conversation?

“This is a huge moment for women's rights. We have brought the public into the UN process and showcasing that it’s not only the UN and governments that are leading the agenda, but all of society.” 

Nancy Khweiss, Deputy Head of GEF Secretariat at UN Women




Maria Rohani

Public Conversation Specialist, UN Women


Nancy Khweiss

Deputy Head of GEF Secretariat, UN Women


Naomi Suen

User Experience & Web Designer, UN Women


Johanna Tarvainen-Lee

Customer Success Manager, Howspace


Sandra Mittica

Partnership Manager, Howspace