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Roundtable: Stop training, create a learning culture

Learn how to transform your training program into a learning journey
June 13th, 2022 

You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him to find it within himself. – Galileo.

Despite this age-old wisdom, we are still conducting training. Consider the difference between training and learning. One is an activity that involves handing out information (training) and the other is the process of discovering and internalizing information (learning). The question is what are you doing?

In this roundtable discussion we will examine some of the key factors that will help transform your training event into a learning journey while identifying the benefits of doing so.

We will dispel the old paradigm of the learner as a
consumer of content and discuss how to transition to the learner as an active participant and how technology can be a key enabler in that shift.

Today’s organizations are facing increasing pressure to change, layered with talent retention challenges.  The standard ways of training are no longer adequate for our more enlightened and mobile workforce. 

If we want to retain talent and be more effective in their development we need to shift away from training and build a learning culture within our organizations.

Join me and let’s work together to get started!




David Donaldson

Customer Success Manager, Howspace