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Power up your learning programs with digital facilitation

Webinar on the 7th of May
07/05/2019 kl. 16.00-16.45 (EET)

Blended learning refers to an approach that combines e-learning and online facilitation with traditional in-person learning (lectures, workshops, and training sessions) and independent study. It gives the learning program participants the freedom and flexibility to customize and pace their learning experience in a way that supports their unique needs and learning objectives.

Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen a huge increase in the use of different technologies to support organizations’ learning and training programs. We are happy to invite you to join our blended learning webinar on Tuesday the 7th of May at:

- EDT 9 am (East coast, the US)
- CET 3 pm (Central Europe, Sweden)
Given the high-pressure workplace of today. No one has time to waste on learning that does not fit their busy schedules, so learning must be broken into short segments that can be accessed when and where they are needed. Efficiency is a key factor in learning. Learners need to know that what they are learning will make a difference in their performance. They don't have time to bridge from general information into their own contexts. Effective learning must be useful immediately for learners and their teams. Relevance is a key factor in learning. 
Glenda Eoyang, HSD Institute
Blended learning is a hybrid learning approach that combines traditional classroom learning with eLearningBlended learning is well suited for long-lasting, complex organizational learning programs, such as leadership training, where it’s crucial that the participants can repeatedly apply the things they’ve learned to their work and get ample support from the learning community around them.

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Ilkka Mäkitalo

CEO, Howspace