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5th of June – How to make sense of the big dialogue within the organization

Webinar | June 5th, 2019 | English
9:15 am EDT (East Coast US), 2:15 pm GMT (UK), 3:15 pm CET (Central Europe)

Join us as the expert facilitator Glenda Eoyang, the founder of Human systems dynamics institute, shares her best practices for running successful organizational development processes.

The new ways of building up and analyzing the organizational dialogue have a revolutionary impact on organizational development work and society as a whole. AI gives us the possibility to analyze the significant amount of data and discussions easily and immediately. The main themes and summaries of the conversations are ready just in a few seconds.

After attending this webinar, you’d know more about:

  • How to create structures and new ways for collaboration and engage people in the discussions across the team and department boundaries?
  • How to create the meaningful dialogue that brings out the potential of the whole organization?
  • How to analyze, interpret, and simplify the big dialogue and take the summaries and main topics immediately as part of the development work?

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Ilkka Mäkitalo

CEO, Howspace