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WORKSHOP: Hybrid? In-person? Or something else?

Exploring new ways to engage your people
Aug 25th, 2021
at 11am New York, Toronto / 4pm London / 6pm Helsinki

Workshop process

Aug 16:Getting ready

 You'll be invited to join our workspace where we will kick off the discussions already before the live session.

Aug 25:Live session

Join us in the workspace for a 90-minute live session and actively take part in the conversation.

Time to reflect

Share your feedback and learnings, ask questions from us and enjoy the live session recording.

Everyone is talking about hybrid right now—hybrid workplaces, hybrid meetings, and hybrid events. Yet, what seems to be taking over in the conversation is the juxtaposition between in-person and hybrid, while clarity on what we mean by these terms is less discussed.

One notable example is the disconnect between employers' and employees' expectations on returning to work. McKinsey recently reported that employers are expecting their people to go back to offices, while employees wish to retain the freedom to choose where and when they work. And we all saw what happened with the backlash against Apple’s recent return-to-work policy.

Rather than focusing on in-person versus hybrid, what we really could be focusing on is how we can keep our people engaged and productive in different environments. Companies that find new ways to engage their employees and customers are more likely to keep and attract new talent and meet and even exceed their customers’ expectations.

Join us as we collectively explore new ideas on how to better engage your people. In this free workshop, John Losey, director, coach, and facilitator from IntoWisdom Group, and Troy Pfeffer from Howspace, invite you to discuss:

  • How to engage people in different environments?
  • How can we be effective now that everybody wants to work remotely?
  • How to collaborate with people in the future?

The workshop will include asynchronous assignments and a 90-minute live session on Aug 25th. The workspace for the workshop will open on Aug 16th.

John Losey guides people and organizations to their next step toward growth and sustainability. He's been in the consulting world since 1992 and spent almost a decade working as an internal learning and organization development consultant for a large, award-winning corporate university. While he's been in the virtual and blended learning world for over a decade, he did over 500 virtual/blended program hours in 2020 alone.




John Losey

Director, coach, and facilitator, IntoWisdom Group


Troy Pfeffer

Partnerships Director, Howspace North America