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The digital facilitation platform for organizational change

See how you can facilitate powerful organizational development, transformation, and change initiatives on Howspace, the AI-powered digital facilitation platform 👇

1. Get started

Workspaces are where people come together to collaborate on complex organizational development processes and change initiatives. As the facilitator, you can freely add new pages and rearrange elements until you feel that the workspace matches your organization's needs.

2. Invite users

Once you're happy with the basic structure of the workspace, invite users to join. Simply import the email addresses of the people you'd like to invite and manage everything within your own workspace.

3. Create groups

Create user groups to manage access to different pages and features. For instance, you may want to create private pages for certain departments or regions, send some emails to team leaders only, or only invite a few people to take part in a particular discussion.

4. Chat

Encourage the participants to discuss, collaborate, and brainstorm using any combination of text, video and pictures. From in-workshop collaboration to asynchronous discussions, chat gives a voice to all the participants â€” including those who don't feel comfortable speaking in front of a room full of people.

5. Use AI to analyze and summarize dialogue

Objectively analyze and quickly make sense of large quantities of dialogue with our world-class artificial intelligence features. You can deep-dive into specific topics, allow the AI create summaries of discussions, or cluster data into a number of meaningful categories in a few seconds. 

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6. Add empathy with video

Use videos to share information, communicate decisions, and answer questions. The participants can upload their own videos directly from their phones or add links to videos on YouTube and Vimeo. After all, a video speaks louder than a thousand images.

7. Run a poll

Let the participants know their opinions matter by asking for feedback using polls. With real-time visualization, you can easily keep track of the participants’ answers â€” either as pie charts or columns.

8. Manage your calendar

Allow the participants to book appointments for interviews or individual coaching sessions from a list of alternative time slots. As a facilitator, you can determine the number of available seats for each session and that way make sure that all the participants get the attention they need.

9. Create assignments

Use assignments to keep participants engaged during the change process. You can set individual assignments for each participant or get everyone to submit the same assignment through a private connection.

Success Stories

Humap Consultation

Humap Consultation uses Howspace and its AI capabilities to quickly make sense of the huge quantities of dialogue that's born as a result of their clients' organizational change processes.

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Implement Consulting Group

Discover how Implement Consulting Group helped their client, E.ON Nordics, facilitate a leadership program for 200 company executives using Howspace.

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Gaia Consulting

Gaia Consulting uses Howspace to facilitate international projects and bring remote teams together to collaborate on complex sustainable development initiatives.

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