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Add value to your members with virtual community engagement

Howspace is a digital facilitation platform that helps you engage every member of your non-profit, association or union into being an active participant of the community

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Build an engaged virtual community

Involve a limitless number of people from anywhere, at any time

Howspace allows you to involve every member of a community or network. Using an easily accessible digital workspace enables you to work transparently with a limitless number of participants, no matter where they are. This makes it easy for everyone – even the previously unengaged members – to join in discussions and participate.

Create a platform for active participation

Instead of being a passive repository of information like a website or an intranet, Howspace is a facilitator-led tool that allows you to build a space that encourages participation. The tool enables participants to interact in many different ways and connect with the other participants. Thanks to the interactive features, you will experience unprecedented participation rates.

Retain and grow your membership base

Many unions, nonprofits and networks face the challenge that their membership base is not growing as it used to and the number of passive members is increasing. Creating possibilities for digital participation adds value to every member’s experience, while also increasing engagement in the work of the community or union.

How to use Howspace for community engagement?


Engage members in workshops, meetings, conferences - and beyond

Encourage active conversation and engage people before, during and after the conference or workshop. This way the common activities are not focused only on 1-2 days in a year, but can extend beyond physical meet-ups. With Howspace you can create social connectivity among participants, which translates into increased motivation, involvement and inspiration. Howspace helps you build a single workspace for workshops and conferences where all of the preparation work, materials, exercises, notes and discussions can be found.


Create strategy, values and statements together

Howspace enables you to involve people in extensive discussions, regardless of time and location. Commitment and ownership in the community increase when everyone’s voice is heard in decision making and strategy work. The greatest success will be achieved when everyone – even the inactive ones – take part in the dialogue to develop new ways of working.

Optime International future of training

Create a virtual learning community

An important function of almost every community is to offer training and learning opportunities to its members. However, traditional learning programs can be impossible to schedule in people’s calendars. Howspace gives your participants freedom to choose whenever and wherever they're ready to learn. Howspace is a social learning platform that makes it easy to share knowledge and learn from others by supporting collaboration between the participants.



Focus on an inclusive member experience and new services

It’s easier to engage and attract new members when they feel that they can influence and participate in the activities of the community. With Howspace, collaboration and experience sharing is possible anytime and for a limitless amount of participants – inside an association or together with other stakeholders and communities. This kind of collaboration helps you create services that really bring value to every member.

Why Howspace?

Howspace helps you encourage people to participate

People need encouragement and support to participate digitally. Howspace gives you the power to guide the dialogue and use multiple methods of activation. Administrators can flexibly hide and show discussions, create poll or pulse questions, or provide specific guidance after receiving responses. You can also email participants directly from Howspace in case you need to nudge them to provide their input.

Easy-to-use without training, installation or special equipment

Anyone can participate in Howspace without installing software or creating logins and accounts. Also, all work can be done from a mobile device and participants don’t need any special knowledge or training. This is especially important when facilitating a wide network of people from different backgrounds and organizations (compared to employees of a single organization, for example). Possibility for digital participation can also help activate previously unengaged members.

Understand your whole member base with AI

If you are, for example a union with thousands of members, and want to invite everyone to co-create, sifting through endless discussions can be impossible. Howspace's built in AI-powered clustering features can help you analyze dialogue in real-time. Just choose a discussion and Howspace can create a short summary, cluster, word cloud, or sentiment analysis of the most important topics and themes.

How Howspace works

Create a noiseless space

Create a dedicated workspace for your own process with our intuitive drag-and-drop editor. You can also create different pages to categorize items or separate different user groups. Think of it like being able to build a website for your members just the way you want, without any complicated coding.

Create and share content - all in one hub

Share any type of content such as text, images, videos, PDFs, and presentations through the File Sharing widget. Howspace also has a handy Embed widget that lets you incorporate third party content.

Measure engagement & gather feedback in various ways

Collaboration is a two way street. Howspace allows you to create different kinds of feedback loops, and capture participant experiences based on comments and simple “likes”. This can be done through a variety of different Howspace widgets:

  • Polls and surveys 
  • Assignments and exams
  • Checkpoint - Guide users to additional information or create quick questions to test knowledge
  • Pulse - Create questions and collect answers over time to track engagement, progress, program effectiveness, motivation, etc.

Build continuous engagement

There are several ways to activate participants before, during and after workshops, events and conferences. Howspace helps you to have the whole process in one place. Before a meeting, you can share an agenda or other content to help participants get familiar with the objectives. You can create a poll or discussion to gauge the participants’ experience and needs for the event. Howspace makes it possible for a participant to feel engaged throughout the whole process by taking different steps and participating throughout the whole journey.

Use AI to rapidly analyze discussions

When you're ready to draw conclusions from a particular discussion, you can use Howspace's built-in AI-powered clustering features to analyze the data. Simply choose a discussion, and Howspace can instantly create a short summary, cluster, word cloud, or sentiment analysis of the most important topics discussed – even when there are hundreds of pages of discussions.

Here’s what our customers are saying

“Finding Howspace is something that has really changed the work methods for NECE for years to come. The possibility for continuous digital collaboration is something that really changes our working methods and possibilities for engagement in our network for the better.

Christoph Müller-Hofstede, Program manager
German Federal Agency for Civic Education (running The NECE – Network for European Citizenship Education)

“Our union's entire apparatus is based on people, as we need thousands of players in the field. However, it has been more and more difficult to get new members as of late. That’s how we knew that our activities needed to change, as we wanted our members to feel part of the community and see the value we are providing for them. With the help of Howspace, we were able to launch our strategy work in an inclusive way.  Using Howspace was easy and everyone could join the discussion with basic digital skills.

Juha Makkonen, Development manager
Trade Union of Education in Finland (OAJ)

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